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The valid names of the arguments are given below. This argument applies only with one-dimensional data or to contour and rgl created from two-dimensional data.

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The default value is 0. The default value is 1. This is activated only when a model has been nominated through the model parameter. In the case of two covariates, the setting of the argument col has priority over band.

Its default value is F, which creates a new plot. This argument applies only with one-dimensional data. The value of delta is used only when positive takes the value T. The default value is the smallest value observed describe This affectcs the behaviour of sm.

Where groups are used, with one covariate, col may be set to a vector of colours associated with the groups. In regression with two covariates using an rgl display, col may be set to a single colour, or to the values "height" or "se". These letter two setting cause the surface to be painted according to its height or to standard error information; see the information on the parameters se, se.

Default: col. This can also be set by the second component of a vector of length two which is set for col.

SM Energy Company (SM)

The value of delta is used only when positive takes the value TRUE. The default value is the smallest value observed in each dimension. This argument does not apply with three-dimensional data. In this case, the equivalent value of h will be computed and included in the list returned on exit from sm.

Default value is 6 if x is a vector and 12 if x is a matrix. When this argument is set to 1, the method of Rice, based on the bitcoin market differences of pairs of neighbouring observations, is used. When the argument is set to 2 deafultthe method of Gasser, Sroka and Jennen-Steinmetz, based on differences between each observation and a linear interplotation from its two neighbours, is used.

The setting "none" will prevent any graphical output from being produced. In one dimensions, the default setting "line" will produce the estimate. For compatibility with earlier versions of the package, the setting "se" will produce a variability band to show the variability, but not the bias, of the estimate.

This should now be controlled by setting the separate parameter se to TRUE. In two dimensions, the default setting "persp" will produce a perspective plot of the estimate, while the settings "slice", "image" and "rgl" will produce slice contourimage or rgl plots. If eval. This should be a vector for one-dimensional data and a two-column matrix for two-dimensional data. Default value: 1. When this argument is set to FALSE, evaluation and plotting take place at options on sm grid points where the contribution from at least one kernel function is non-negligible.

Both of these settings ensure that the estimate is not evaluated at points where there are no observations nearby.

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This argument applies only to sm. This argument applies only when the estimate is displayed as a curve or a countour. In density estimation the default is "normal" which uses a options on sm which is asymptotically optimal for the normal distribution. Other possibilities are "cv" for cross-validation and "sj" for the Sheather-Jones method.

In nonparametric regression, the deault is "df" which selects a smoothing parameters associated with the approximate degrees of freedom given in the df option. Other possibilities are "cv" for cross-validation and "aicc" for an AIC-based method proposed by Hurvich, Simonoff and Tsai.

Options on sm with 0 observed frequencies are ignored.


Default value: Options on sm two- and three-dimensional data, ngrid refers to the number of points along the axis in each dimension. The same parameter is also used by a few other functions which perform some form of search e.

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Default value for sm. The panel can be used to alter the value of the smoothing parameter and control a variety of other settings. Periodic smoothing is implemented by local mean estimation, using a von Mises kernel function.

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Non-periodic covariates are identified by NA. Default value: NA. When this argument is set to TRUE, a log transformation is applied to the data before construction of a density estimate. The result is transformed back to the original scale. In the three-dimensional case only the first element of the vector will be used. This argument does not apply to one-dimensional data.

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Default value: c 75,50, Default value: TRUE. If a model is specified, then these standard errors refer to the difference between this fitted model and the nonparametric regression estimate. Default value: c -3, -2, 3, 3.

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If show. The default value is 2. Other possibilities are "separate", which uses h1, options on sm "common" which uses h, h. The "common" option may be particularly appropriate when the data have a spatial origin, where distances in each variable havae the same meaning. Note that the "separate" option is not available when "method" is set to "df". The lower limit is how to make money on the exmo exchange set to 0.

This argument does not apply with two- or three-dimensional data. Details Arguments which are set by a function call will remain in effect until the end of the current S-plus session, unless overwritten by a subsequent call. In addition, they can be added as optional parameters of calls to specific functions of the sm package; in this case, their effect is limited to that function call. See the documentation of specific functions for the list of options which are recognised by that function.

Notice that some options are relevant only to some functions. Value a list with the updated values of the parameters.

If the argument list is not empty, the returned list is invisible.