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The steers had been on pasture for approximately days. All carcasses graded A1 except for one carcass, which was discounted for being a dark cutter.

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The dressing percentages varied from The number of days an animal spends in the feedlot on a high grain diet influences the dressing percentage. Seasonal Effects Dressing percentages will vary by 1.

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The period of highest dressing percentages occurs from May through August. This is a period when feedlot conditions are dry, when calves have been on feed for an extended time, and when calves have a light hair coat.

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Dressing percentages start declining in September as cattle hair coats thicken and more tag accumulates. Also, yearlings that have been in the feedlot options yield 760 percent only 60 to 80 days start coming to market in the late fall.

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The lowest dressing percentages tend to occur in December and January. Marketings during this period consist mainly of yearlings that have been in the feedlot for less than days, and which have a heavy hair coat and accumulated tag.

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Dressing percentages increase through March and April as animals shed their winter hair coat and last year's calves begin coming to market. Last year's calves have been on higher grain diets for periods greater than days. Any weather conditions that affect the hair coat of an animal can have an impact on that animal's dressing percentage.

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For example, rainy weather can dramatically lower dressing percentages, especially if the hair coat is thick. Canadian and US Differences The dressing percentage of cattle marketed in Canada will differ from that of similar animals marketed in the United States.

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The US carcass weight includes the weight of the kidney, pelvic and heart fat, which is not included in the Canadian carcass weight. Dressing percentages for equivalent animals are, therefore, 2.

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Other Factors Marketing procedures affect beef carcass yields. A feedlot that is 30 km from a packing plant can have higher dressing percentages than options yield 760 percent feedlot km from the plant. The difference in dressing percentages will be related to the difference in shrinkage that occurs while the animals are being transported.

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If the shrinkage is only gut shrinkage and not tissue or carcass shrinkage, then the difference in dressing percentages is not important for animals sold on a railgrade basis. Studies at the Lacombe Research Station demonstrated that slaughter weight steers and heifers that fast for 48 or 72 hours prior to slaughter had warm carcass yields nearly 1.

This weight loss was attributed to losses in carcass lean, fat and water.

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Management practices such as quiet, efficient sorting and loading, limiting time in transit, loading trucks to recommended weight, and proper delivery timing at the plant will help reduce the interval that cattle are without feed, and lessen the stress level for long haul animals. This ultimately increases the value of the animal.

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Other factors may affect carcass yield, but these are controlled by the packing plant rather than the feedlot, and therefore, the producer price is not directly influenced by these practices.

For example, intermittent cold water spray chilling of the carcass can reduce carcass shrink age by 0.

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Shrouding carcasses can reduce the loss to evaporation by 0. Even carcass spacing within coolers and the feeding of an electrolyte solution to the animal prior to slaughter has shown to influence carcass shrinkage.

Summary The factors affecting dressing percentage are summarized in Table 5. The results will vary, but the numbers provide a general indication of the influence of these factors. Although the dressing percentage and carcass weight of A2 and A3 grades tends to be higher than for A1 grade, signals for binary options from a person does not necessarily mean a higher return for the animal.

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Dressing percentages are highly variable, and influenced by factors such as days on feed, the season and the market where an animal is sold. Producers should analyze sale weights from feedlots to better understand how these factors influence dressing percentages. Table 5.