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    Representatives of major local and international investment companies took advantage of the opportunity to see this key LUKOIL production region.

    The visitors were given a tour of Yuzhny-Yagunsk field production facilities, where they saw an oil treatment and pumping unit, and a unit for production ooo yamal trading oil and gas.

    Mr Nekrasov replied in detail to investor questions on the program for increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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    The Company has about 41, employees with headquarters in Kogalym, coordinating 4 subsidiaries: "Langepasneftegaz", "Uraineftegaz", "Kogalymneftegaz" and "Pokachyovneftegaz" in the towns of Langepas, UraiOoo yamal trading and Pokachi with total population of overpeople the first letters of the first three towns were used to create the name "LUKOIL". Investments in development of production this year will total The Company will carry outmeters of production drilling and 40, meters of exploration drilling, as well as launching new wells.

    A large part of Company investments are being used for development of new drilling technologies, automation of production, increase of crude oil recovery, and bottom-hole treatment. We aim to integrate the latest Russian technologies with technologies of leading international companies Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Oil Tools, and the service company PetroAlliance during drilling and reinforcing of wells.

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    The Company makes best use of hydrofracturing, drilling of lateral bore holes in idle wells, drilling of horizontal wells, and development of non-drainable reserves. Computer technologies are widely applied to collect and store information, and to carry out geological-mathematical modeling and field monitoring.

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    The Company has created a unique geological data bank, and the Company's center for study of core and formation fluids makes use of the latest technologies. Investments in development of hydrocarbon fields in that region totaled 4.

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    The Nakhodkinskoye gas condensate field, the first field in the Bolshekhetskaya Depression, is due to come on tap in and to reach full production of 10 billion cubic meters per year in All preparatory studies have now been completed and work has started on infrastructure preparation and construction of a gas pipeline to connect the field with the Yamburgskaya gas condensate station.

    The pipeline includes a unique 8-kilometer, 2-pipe underwater section across the Tazovsky Gulf, and it will enable transportation of gas from all fields in the Bolshekhetskaya Depression.

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    This work will be followed by step-by-step infrastructure preparation and launch of production at other fields in the Bolshekhetskaya Depression, whose overall proved reserves are 2. Reorganization of the system of management of structural sub-divisions that was held in along with other cost-reduction efforts reflected in reduction of equivalent cost of one ton of export oil by 3. Much work has also been done to close down unprofitable wells.

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    Efficiency of well workovers and maintenance repairs is increasing. LUKOIL does not vouch for the accuracy of the information or endorse the opinions contained in the analysts' reports.

    To implement the programme on delivery of construction cargo inthe scope of dredging works in the water area and at the access canal should total 5.