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With the SPH Aerial Platform, you get better maneuverability, greater versatility, and more fire-fighting capability than any other mid-mount aerial apparatus on the market.

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The shorter wheelbase and shorter overall length allow this aerial platform to maneuver easily through tight city streets, cul-de-sacs, and apartment or business complexes. Now with different body options featuring up to cubic feet of usable compartment space, The SPH provides plenty of room for tool mounting boards, storage of rescue tools, fans, and even long handled tools.

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The large, safe platform features almost 20 square feet of working space and can be easily accessed from the ground without ds with options to walk the length of the ladder.

Explore our features for more details. The Mid-Mount design has been the Sutphen signature design for over 50 years, and while others have tried to copy it, no one can match the quality and dependability of a Sutphen. An apparatus with a lower center of gravity is a safer, more stable, and better handling piece of equipment.

Fire platform option checks and service can be done inside the station or service center without moving the aerial. What lighter weight does mean is better acceleration, better breaking with shorter stopping distance, and less wear and tear on your brakes and brake components which reduces maintenance costs. Constructed using T6 aluminum alloy and fastened with fire platform option grade HuckBolt technology, the aerial has a safety factor ofunmatched in the industry.

85’ Mid Mount Platform

The HuckBolt system eliminates the need for welds. Welding weakens the material, which makes it susceptible to cracking.

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The waterway, electric cables, and fire platform option air hoses are all housed inside the Box Boom. There they stay protected with less chance of being damaged, which reduces fire platform option chance of costly repairs, and apparatus down time. This also means that the Sutphen Aerial device can be placed right up against a roof cornice or building with no risk of damaging the waterway.

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Aerial slide blocks are constructed from Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastic that requires little to no maintenance. The fastest and most efficient set up time in the industry. Body compartments are bolted together for strength and ease of repair.

New metre aerial platform for the Texel fire brigade

They are tall and deep providing ample storage space for rescue tools and other bulky equipment, as well as tool mounting boards, shelves, trays, etc. Stainless steel door panels are standard, and heavy duty Durawear material covers the headliner and back wall. With the Mid-Mount design, there is nothing to block your view of busy intersections, street corner signs, or traffic lights. The Sutphen Aerial will operate at full capacity anywhere within the operating envelope, regardless of extension or elevation, thus eliminating the need for a load chart.

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The hydraulic system operates with lower hydraulic pressure and lower heat; this is due to the lower weight of the device. All displays and controls are arranged in a user friendly manner and backlit for ease of viewing during nighttime use.

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A rotation interlock system allows the aerial to be safely short jacked. A crush avoidance system monitors the position of the aerial to the cab, body and other obstructions.

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Water tank sizes include, and gallon depending on body selection and configuration. Foam tanks are also an option.

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Optional Stokes arms are available and located under the front of the platform. Optional Parapet Ladder mounted exterior on the center of the platform. Easy deployment of the ladder can be done while in the bucket, and eliminates the need to hang a roof ladder from the exterior of the platform.

All Sutphen Aerial Apparatus include a Twenty 20 year structural warranty. Rear Axle and Suspension up to 52, lbs.

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