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Personal Finance Lab is best used as a stock market simulation.

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The stock market game is simple to set up and manage and feels very authentic. Teachers can run multiple simulations at a time, and students can join multiple games as well. Finance teachers reviews school of trading a lab also use some of the articles, calculators, and quizzes as a supplement to their existing curriculum.

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These are available for free to users without a login. The stock market game is accessible for advanced middle school students, but the curriculum content is written on a high school or beginner collegiate level.

Finance Trading Lab

Continue reading Show less What Is It? Personal Finance Lab is a web-based stock market simulation platform for high school students.

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Teachers set parameters, and students join the simulation to learn about how stock trading works. Real-time equity research and video tutorials assist students in managing their portfolio.

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Teachers can also assign supplemental reading and multiple-choice quizzes. Personal Finance Lab also offers personal finance, economics, and business content, but the non-stock-related content is limited to articles written by the Personal Finance Lab staff and curated links to publicly available lesson plans.

Engage your personal finance, business, accounting, economics, computer and math students with real-world applications in an exciting Wall Street-style classroom. Money Talks. Every student wants to know how to make money!

Is It Good for Learning? Stock market simulations have been around for decades and are an engaging way to teach students about stock trading and portfolio management.

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Personal Finance Lab is trying to build on this platform to become a one-stop shop for high school finance teachers. With the exception of the stock market game tutorial videos, the rest of the site's content is completely text-based.

See the recorded Sept. Amy Morrow was a senior equity analyst for 8 years, she has then worked for Thomson Reuters for 5 years as a Client Specialist in Asset Management.

All of the articles are written by Personal Finance Lab staff and college students. It would be great if they incorporated content from news outlets, industry publications, and peer-reviewed resources.

More than a classroom: BKD Financial Markets Trading Lab

Stock trading is clearly the main focus, and other financial skills take a back seat. Even in the personal finance curriculum, there's an emphasis on the importance of maintaining a brokerage account. Use Personal Finance Lab as a stock market game and consider the extra content a bonus.

As Seen on: 9 Out of 10 Traders Fail when first starting out. Stock Market Lab transforms dedicated students into powerful traders. We breakdown the art and science of stock trading step by step to make sure you are getting results.