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    Disorganized, ungrateful, demanding company with no future Office Staff Former Employee - Head office - May 26, The work culture is dead.

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    Nobody talks to the other. In a typical day, you would probably get 5 mins of friendly non-work related conversation. The culture is to work extremely long hours and sometimes on weekends, with no complaint.

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    I'm talking about 8am until 7pm at a minimum due to work load and last min demands from management even though your working hours is I would work at least from 8am until 10pm 2 times per month and at least 1 or 2 Full Fridays per month from home. All this with no recognition, no thank you, but if you dare to be 5 mins late to work, you can expect the manager to pull you up on it.

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    No flexible hours, no basics like a quiet place to eat your lunch, no microwave in office kitchen to heat up food, no fresh milk in kitchen. They do offer free buffet lunch every single day at the M floor which is very generous but very loud. There's also a microwave oven at M floor.

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    So if you want to enjoy your 1 hr break to relax, you'd better sit in your car of head to a near by cafe. Very high turnover rate due to poor work culture and management. Was this review helpful?

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