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Chat for tokens, Creating Access Tokens - Twilio

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Users can only see the clients that they created. From here, you can select the client you want to view or update.

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You can also regenerate the client secret or delete the client. If the client is for a third party integration, follow the installation instructions provided by the developer.

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Deleting API clients Before deleting a client, make sure you know how it may affect any third-party services. If your client has the Redirect URL field set to anything other than localhost, the client is likely interacting with an external integration.

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If you delete the client, you'll need to create another client. During the token creation process, users of the external integration will need to grant the integration access to their Chat account again.

Key Features Possibility of anonymous communication: Registration of a classic account in XPrivate Chat is not mandatory, to start communication it is only necessary to provide another person with your ID generated by the application during the installation.

If the redirect url is localhost, then the client was likely created for internal API use. Click the Delete Selected button. There are two ways to create an access token -- a longer, more formal way for production environments, and a shorter, more convenient way for testing environments. Revoking tokens A token can only be revoked by the user who created it.

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Admins don't have the permissions to revoke tokens created by other users. The chat for tokens consists of the following steps: List your tokens to get the id of the token you want to delete.

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If you have many tokens, it helps to know the approximate time and date you created the token so you can identify it in the list. Revoke the token by id.

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