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Earnings on the crypt. Earnings From the Crypt

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We're looking at the salaries for the annual top earning, non living celebrities, and everything's gonna be in millions of dollars. So first, to find the mean, we're gonna add our entire data set and divide by the total number of salaries for looking at I'm so here we'll start with 50 plus 42 plus 35 plus 24 plus 20 plus 19 plus 10 plus 10 plus eight plus eight.

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And then we're gonna add seven, three times, and then we have 13 salaries. So would divide all of this.

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Them for our medium. We want to find the very middle number. I'm sorry, Donna.

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Set is I'm on. So we want the seventh number, and you can count on when they're in order from least or greatest surgery this toe least you can start from either end. So I'm just going to start at the largest. So Sorry.

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Seventh number is Then for our mid range, we take the average of the largest and the smallest value, So we need to add 50 and seven. We want to look out which number is happening most often, and for this data set, it is seven.

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And then we want to comment on earnings on the crypt que nous so we don't have an graft to look at. But we can still talk about this. Que nous um, we can see here that the mid range is much larger.

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Um, then the median and the median is smaller than the mean Ah, and the mode is even smaller than the median.