Support and Resistance on the 15-Minute Chart

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Thursday, July 18, If you know me even a little as a trader, you know how I feel about support and resistance when it comes to trading. Counting on support and resistance to hold is just one way to do it.

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Many option traders swing trade, which means the expected length of time is anywhere from two to five days as a rough average. Clearly that is not a hard and fast rule with many trades lasting a lot less or more time.

Because many option traders consider 15 minute options swing traders, they pay no attention to smaller time frames like the minute chart, which happens to be my favorite.

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Take a look at the three charts below: Each one is a minute chart meaning that every candle represents a minute time frame. Each one has very distinctive potential support below where the underlying is and potential resistance above where the underlying is levels.

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How could this not be beneficial for option traders? Whether you are looking for areas to manage the tradeoff of for targets or stop loss exits, or mapping out an area for a time spread, this smaller time frame could be just what you need! John Kmiecik.

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