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It sounds so simple, but sadly very few Americans do it. Xyz from Our Financial Path. October 19,pm I grew up in a higher-middle class setting but my parents did cut on a lot of things. I needed to chose what I wanted and prioritize.

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This, of course, set me up for an easier frugal lifestyle. It sounds like your family did a great job teaching you about saving. If you can keep your transportation, housing, and other larger fixed costs down then everything else is pretty gravy. We are not naturally frugal, but there was just something about paying so many hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house that made us want to run far, far away.


That is not something people tell you when you were going to buy a home — that it is going to hold you prisoner for so many years! Great job paying off your house early. Paying off the mortgage.

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Funding my kids college. Reaching financial independence.

A 9-Step Path To Financial Independence With Integrity ·

Letting my husband continue to financial independence course a stay at home dad like you! The other thing that helps when it feels like everything is so far away is breaking out my net worth spreadsheet.

I financial independence course versions of the spreadsheet going back over 10 years. It helps confirm that I can eventually reach those goals.

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Reply Link Jeethu October 18,pm Our family suffered a massive loss of income when I, the sole income earner, stopped getting wages from December onwards, the month in which we were blessed with our first born son. Infinancial independence course months later, the cash flow resumed and my wife also started earning from January Inin my 34th year, I was initiated into worksheets and I immediately started using it to track our help with trading on binary options finances.

By then we were also introduced to Thomas A.

As we did not want another financial tsunami to hit upon us, we religiously put those ideas into practice. We were blessed with our second in We have been living in the same house built by our parents.

We use our 12 year old CC small family car on rainy days and when 4 of us travel together. Otherwise, we the two wheeler serves for daily commute. In India we have no social safety nets or healthcare support as you have in the US. Quality education is available but the aspirants far outnumber the opportunities available. We have to fend for ourselves.

How to Stay the Course to Financial Independence

Therefore, the case of frugality is stronger here. We pay for our medical and life insurance needs and save for the education of our children and take a two to three days family vacation every two years. We have scrupulously maintained our family accounts since Today, our accumulated savings is times our monthly expense. That is when we might think of a car.

We benefit from your insights and observations.

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Please continue your good work. Our co-workers think we are nuts… if they only knew where we are headed. We invest our money into multifamily rental properties… and each year our passive income continues to grow.

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Working together as a team with common financial goals makes us unstoppable! Excellent post! I just left thirty-three years of employment to focus full time on being successfully self-employed.

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Mustard Seed Money October 18,pm My wife is determined to live in a house with a yard in the country with a couple of chickens.

She and I are scrimping to make this dream come true so we have laser focus. I would like to try for a few years too.

It will be a big adjustment for us. Good luck! Reply Link James October 18,pm Common sense points, but I have to disagree with avoiding expensive neighborhoods. One common thread among people is that rich people desire to stay rich and keep the poor people away, so the expensive neighborhoods are far more likely to experience a price appreciation.

Also, find a rich significant other. Reply Link retirebyforty October 18,pm I prefer 2 modest houses in a modest neighborhood. Reply Link saveinvestbecomefree October 18,pm Great Post!

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It really is all in your mind. My family was always conscious of the cost of things but we never had to make hard choices based on money. For me, I just enjoyed watching my financial position improve more than the things I could buy with money. Giving my hard earned money to other people was the sacrifice! I like seeing our net worth grow much more than say getting a new car.

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