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You can make a lot of money or a lot of friends

Photo: Rex Features Flashing the cash like Harry Enfield's Loadsamoney character could seriously damage your relationships.

Friends Always Want to Spend Money? Banish FOMO With These Tips

What happens next? Does someone grab the bill and yell menacingly, "OK, who had the lobster?

  1. Friends Always Want to Spend Money?
  2. Why do my friends all seem to have more money than I do? - MarketWatch
  3. Income disparity in a friend group can occur in varying degrees.

William, 37, a marketing manager in the City, says this is when salary differences between friends can really impact.

I remember when I wasn't earning much and someone would say, 'Let's split the bill,' and you're thinking, 'But don't you know I can't afford it! Yet people on good money often assume everyone earns the same as them. They aren't lording it - just being thoughtless.

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So he has no idea what it's like out there, yet that doesn't stop him thinking he's an expert. People who have a lot of money can be a bit like that.

But people don't realise how strung out incomes are. Might our reticence to talk about money be part of the problem?

Would you rather have more money or more friends?

Being pitied is horrible and being envied is dangerous - people want what you've got. But he doesn't flash it about. He buys his round and expects everyone else to buy theirs.

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The important thing is we all knew each other when we were just interested in kicking a football around. Our friendship isn't influenced by social status or income - it's much deeper than that.

Once you'd have expected a copywriter to earn much more than a doctor.

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Now, according to the Office of National Statisticshealth professionals have the highest earnings, above corporate managers.

Unequal partners Pay disparity between friends is one thing, but what happens if your partner earns much more, or less, than you? Journalist Karen, 27, has experienced both.

Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. I'm not complaining or bragging—which is partly why I feel weird discussing it—but it just feels disorienting, like I fell asleep in one place and woke up in a completely different one. Apr 22, ELLE As a kid, I didn't know you weren't supposed to talk about money, because it was all we talked about. It was a force in my family, like the weather.

Then he lost his job. By this point I was working and he expected me to help him out while he didn't even bother signing on.

They may be able to offer help by letting you spread your payments out, or give you some time to sort things out. If you stop seeing them, they may just assume you have no intention of paying them back at all.

Part of the reason why we broke up was that he kept complaining I was obsessed with money. No - I was just the only one earning any!

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Relationships can only survive if disparities of income don't matter. All names of case studies have been changed Topics.