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Triple options what is it, Option football: The history and how it works

File:Wishbone Formation.

triple options what is it

The wishbone triple option is a running play where either fullback, quarterback, or one of the halfbacks will end up running the ball. First, the quarterback QB receives the football from the center.


The quarterback then begins the play in one direction by starting to handoff the football to the fullback FB right behind the playside guard on a standard fullback dive play. The guard "chips" the 3-technique Defensive tackle and blocks the playside The side where the play is going inside linebacker usually called the Mike, or Middle Linebacker.

triple options what is it

The quarterback then reads the unblocked defensive linemen, if he crashes down on the fullback the quarterback pulls the ball from the triple options what is it gut and continues down the line, but if the defensive linemen goes outside to contain the play he hands off inside to the fullback. The offensive tackle on the side of the play's direction does not block the defensive end and instead moves to block the first threat which is usually the linebacker stacked behind the defensive end.

The Quarterback Keeper The quarterback reads the defense. In the Midline Option, he then follows the fullback through the hole in the center of the line. Army ran versions of the Midline Option continuously with Bradshaw.

In the traditional triple option the backside tailback will take a parallel course down the line of scrimmage keeping a 3 to 5 yard separation with the quarterback.

If the defensive end comes inside toward the quarterback he will pitch it outside to the trailing halfback.

triple options what is it

If the defensive end keeps outside leverage and plays the trailing halfback the quarterback will keep the ball and cut upfield inside of the defensive end. The tailback to the playside is responsible for blocking one of the defensive backs, usually one of the deep safeties.

The wide receiver to the play side is responsible for blocking the corner back assigned to cover them if the defense were playing man coverage.

triple options what is it

If this is run properly it can be extremely effective as most all defensive players are accounted for by blockers. Once the quarterback or tailback gets beyond the line of scrimmage there should be nobody in front of them because the tackle, guard, tailback and wide receiver are all downfield picking up the first threat.

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The play is called the triple option because the fullback dive is the first option, the quarterback keeping the ball is the second option, and the quarterback pitching to the halfback is the third option. A slight variation of this formation is the Flexbone, where the running backs move out to just outside the tackles, but still off the line of scrimmage. The running back that the play is using for the third option motions in, and while in motion the ball is snapped.

The Triple Option, in this case, is still run mostly the same as the wishbone.

triple options what is it