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First Name Middle Name Identifiers — you can define and use various identifiers such as library card number, barcode s and other identifiers Job Category User general information Users are instantly searched when typing in the first letters or other identifiers e.

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Are there any limitations on the type, length, and format of barcodes for items and patrons? There are no limitations on the type, length, and format of close demo account for items and patron account numbers.

Heart Valves and Circulation

What information is available from the checkout screen? When clicking a resource in the Patron services page the user is routed to the Loan Audit Trail that shows brief bibliographic details and the loan history unless not anonymized.

Does Alma record the date and time that an item was checked out?

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From the Patron Management Service screen the operator can change the due date of an item by clicking on the Change Due Date button. The staff user may choose to change the due dates of one, all or selected loans by clicking on the selected check boxes.

The due date can also be changed inline from the Actions Checkin What information is available to staff regarding a returned item?

When an Item is returned in Alma, the staff user is advised of the next step for this item, such as item has to be re-shelved options circulation a certain location or placed on the hold shelf if it has been requested by another patron: Staff are also able to view the loan and usage history of returned items.

Can returned items be back dated? On the Manage Item Returns screen, the operator can change the due date of returning items, by clicking on the calendar icon on the 'Override return date time' box: The staff user can then enter the relevant date in the dialog box: In addition, there is functionality related to bulk changes of a loan date: Changes can be made on the level of the library and the location.

Open access options

Can return receipts be printed? Return receipts can be sent to a specified patron for items returned to the circulation desk.

Receipts can also be configured and customized by the institution. How are options circulation items handled? If an item options circulation returned to a library which is not the owning library then the staff user returning the item will get a pop up window regarding the transit of the item to options circulation owning library.

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Can staff view a list of in transit items? Many facets are available on this screen, allowing for the list to be further filtered e. Override policies are configured by the library and only available to staff with the relevant options circulation and permissions.


Staff members with the appropriate role may renew all or selected items from the Manage Patron Service screen from the staff interface: Note that Alma allows renewal of a loan even after the original due date unless the Maximum Renewal Period has been reached for the loan. An example of this can be seen in the following screen capture: Policies related to elements such as Maximum Renewal Period can be configured by the library. A new policy can be defined at any time: Does Alma support automatic renewals?

Alma supports manual and automatic loan renewals.

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Manual renewals are possible through self-check, staff users in Alma or in the Discovery layer by patrons. Automatic loan renewal rules define the conditions under which items will be renewed by the Notifications - Send Courtesy Notices and Handle Loan Renewals job.

Any number of such rules may be defined. This job not only handles automatic renewals, it also sends out courtesy notices to users whose items are due shortly.

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The fulfillment jobs configuration defines these parameters: Can staff see the current number of renewals for options circulation item borrowed by the patron? This can be seen on the Manage Patron Items screen from the Actions Mandatory fields are marked: There are several options when creating the brief record: Suppressing the record for publishing to Discovery Course Restricted - Whether you want the item to be searchable in Discovery only within a Courses search scope once you set up the appropriate Discovery search rules.

You must define the location for the item You can define the loan policy that will apply also in case an item is created for instant loan Alma will automatically assign a work order to the item, so that on its return it will be flagged for further processing.

Poor circulation

You can set up brief level rules to identify such records in the system not only restricted to records that were created with quick cataloging but also records that were imported. Alma provides a dedicated job to retrieve such records for further processing e.

Can items with options circulation barcode or item record be loaned out? Alma provides the possibility to search for an item directly options circulation the repository from within a fulfillment activity, if the item is recorded with a barcode in Alma but the actual barcode label on the physical item itself is damaged or unreadable for the Circulation Desk staff.

In the Patron Services menu a staff user can enter the repository search through clicking the magnifying glass in the Scan item barcode field.

What options are available for self-check cirulation? Alma allows for the definition of any number of Self-Check Integration Profiles.

SIP2 Protocol Alma supports communication over the SIP2 protocol, which is used primarily for communication with local self-service machines.

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The communication is bi-directional. Since the vast majority of the SIP-based systems were built and designed without the cloud in mind, the SIP2 protocol lacks several components in order to fully support a cloud-based SaaS — namely, a unique institution ID and secure communication channel which is supported in SIP3. Alma supports the following self-check actions: Check out item and canceling checkout Check in item and canceling check-in Renew item.