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Quick links addclose The digital currencies story is a continuation of the long-running saga of economics, markets, and commodity exchange in human society. With the constant rise of the global network, we have witnessed many global services becoming widely accepted and in a way changing by adding to our experience of mutual interaction.

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Looking back in history of the Internet we can conclude that public-key cryptography and digital signatures make e-money possible. The main difference between e-money and virtual currencies is that e-money does not change the value of the fiat currency euro, dollar, etcbut virtual currency is not equivalent to any fiat currency. In other words, all digital currency is electronic money, but e-money is not necessarily digital currency.

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E-money Electronic money or e-money in short is the money balance recorded electronically on a stored-value card or remotely on a server. E-money is usually associated with so-called smart cards issued by companies such as Mondex and Visa Cash.

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Electronic money is a floating claim that is not linked to any particular account. Examples of e-money are bank deposits, electronic fund transfer, payment processors, and digital currencies.

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With prepaid cards, the data is maintained on the card issuer's computers. Typical stored-value cards include: prepaid calling cards, gift cards, payroll card, loyalty cards, travel cards.

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E-money can also be stored on and used via mobile phones or in a payment account on the Internet. Most common and widely used mobile subsystems are Google Wallet and Apple pay.

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The fast introduction of e-money has lead to governmental regulatory activities. Hong Kong was among the first jurisdiction to regulate e-money, by allowing only licensed banks to issue stored-value cards. Electronic currencies can be divided into soft currency and hard currency.

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Hard electronic currency is one that only supports non-reversible transaction. Reversing transaction, even in case of a legitimate error is not possible.

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They are more oriented to cash transactions. On the other hand, soft electronic currency is one that allows reversal of payments in a case of fraud or disputes. Examples are PayPal and credit cards.

Digital currency Simple intention drives this technological avalanche, based on financial and commercial competition as is the case of regulated economies.

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In this struggle, the regulated market and the privacy of the affairs of financial actors are crucial. Fair and constructive financial institutions acting as intermediaries are the safeguards of these principles.

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In most cases these are state regulatory agencies. But something has changed in the digital era.

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Regulation is taking a new form of teamwork and networking. This Internet based medium of exchange have properties similar to physical currencies, however allows for instantaneous transaction and borderless transfer-of-ownership. Banks and customers use their keys to encrypt for security and sign for identification blocks of digital data that represent money orders.

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Customers sign deposits and withdraw using their private key and the bank uses the customer's public key to verify the signed withdraws and deposits. Both virtual currencies and cryptocurencies are types of digital currencies.

Apple Pay is a contactless payment system that can be used with an iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad to make payments in a simple, secure, and private way. Android Pay is a contactless payment system for smart phones using the Android operation system. The official website of the organisation behind the Paym system of making payments with mobile phones.

Cryptocurrencies are set to take the online world by storm, as their popularity and use, and understanding of their advantages and limitations increases. Giant companies like Apple, Dell and PayPal have already indicated their plans to integrate cryptocurrencies as a payment method, and more are likely to follow, with Bitcoin emerging as one of the most popular virtual electronic currencies.

The main invention of this cryptocurrency is to present the central ledger of all transactions, known as blockchain.

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This open source software allows all peers in a network to verify electronic money bitcoin how to make money transaction ever made in the Bitcoin system and therefore serve as guardians to this central ledger. There are signs that central banks are also paying more and more attention to virtual currencies. The main issues There are many comparative advantages of this system of money creation and payments compared to the usual form of online financial transactions.

Using one source the Internet to connect to a unique global financial system sounds like possible futuristic idea, but with virtual currencies, it is not far away.