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Lr The transition elements or transition metals occupy the short columns in the center of the periodic table, between Group 2A and Group 3A. They are sometimes called the d-block elements, since in this region the d-orbitals are being filled in, and are also referred to as B-group elements since in most numbering systems of the columns on the periodic table the numerals of these groups are followed by the letter B.

The period 7 transition metals are the naturally-occurring actinium Acand the artificially produced elements ooo fifth element trading Rfdubnium Dbseaborgium Sgbohrium Bhhassium Hsmeitnerium Mtdarmstadtium Dsroentgenium Rgand the as-yet unnamed ununbiium Uub.

In the transition metals, the five d orbitals are being filled in, and the elements in general have electron configurations of n-1 d ns2, although there are some exceptions when electrons are shuffled ooo fifth element trading to produce half-filled or filled d subshells.

All of the transition metals in their elemental forms are malleable and ductile except for mercury, which is a liquid at room temperatureand are good conductors of heat and electricity.

Many of the transition metal ions have characteristic colors associated with them, ooo fifth element trading many have biological and industrial significance. In most periodic tables, lanthanum and actinium are considered to be a part of Group 3B, but in others lanthanum and actinium are considered part of the inner transition elements, leaving lutetium and lawrencium in Group 3B instead. It is named from the Latin word for Scandinavia, Scandia.

It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of 16 buy bitcoins vk, making it the 35th most abundant element. It is found ooo fifth element trading the ore thortveitite [Sc2Si2O7], and is present in small amounts in other ores. Scandium is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and even stronger than aluminum, but its rarity makes its production costly.

Scandium's existence was predicted by Dimitri Mendeleev from a gap in his periodic table of the elements; when scandium was discovered inits properties were close to those predicted by Mendeleev. There are few known compounds of scandium. Scandium iodide, ScI3, is used in mercury vapor lamps to produce a light that is closer to that of natural sunlight. The name ooo fifth element trading derived from the village of Ytterby, Sweden, where its ore was first isolated.

The same village has also given its name to the elements ytterbium, erbium, and terbium. It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of 30 ppm, making it the 29th most abundant element.

ooo fifth element trading

Yttrium is used in the phosphors that make the red elements of cathode-ray tube CRT televisions and computer monitors, and is also used to make white light-emitting diodes LEDs. Yttrium is also used in some metal alloys. Yttrium is also a component of some of the "high-temperature superconductors" which conduct electricity with no resistance at temperatures below 90K which can be accomplished by immersing the material in liquid nitrogen.

The radioactive isotope yttrium, is used in the treatment of some cancers.

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The name is derived from the Greek word lanthanein, "to be hidden," because the element was discovered "hidden" as an impurity in ores of cerium. It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of 32 ppm, making it the 28th most abundant element.

Lanthanum is used to make electrodes for high-intensity carbon arc lights, which are used for searchlights and projectors in movie theaters.

ooo fifth element trading

Lanthanum salts are used to remove excess phosphate from patients who suffer from chronic kidney dysfunction. An alloy of lanthanum and nickel, when formed into a powder, is capable of absorbing times its own volume of hydrogen gas, and is being investigated as a possible storage medium in hydrogen-powered vehicles. The elements which follow lanthanum atomic numbersare known as the lanthanides ; they are chemically similar to each other, and are often found together in various combination in ores.

Actinium is a silvery-white, radioactive metal, which glows with blue ooo fifth element trading in the dark. Its options plan comes from the Greek word aktinos, meaning "ray.

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It is produced in the decay sequences of radioactive uranium The most stable isotope of actinium is actinium, which has a half-life of The elements which follow actinium atomic numbersare known as the actinides ; these elements are all radioactive, and most of them are synthetic. The name is derived from the Titans of Greek mythology. It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of ppm, making it the 9th most abundant element. It is used in many applications where both strength and lightness are desirable, such as aircraft frames and engines, bicycles, and golf clubs.

Titanium alloyed with aluminum and vanadium forms a metal with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other metal. Titanium is resistant to corrosion because its surface becomes coated with a thin, hard oxide film, which is very resistant to further chemical attack.

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For this reason, titanium can be used in many medical devices. Titanium is used in the pins that hold broken bones together, and in cranial plates; it is a component in hip and knee replacements; and is used in pacemakers and surgical screws.

Tissues bond to a titanium oxide layer on the surface of the metal which is formed when the metal is exposed to a plasma arc that exposes a fresh surface of titanium. Titanium's unreactivity also makes it useful in offshore oil rigs, and parts of ships that are exposed to seawater.

Titanium dioxide, TiO2, is commonly used in paints because of its intensely white color. Since titanium compounds are nontoxic, its use has largely replacing that of lead in paints. It is also used in sunscreens to scatter away ultraviolet light before it burns the skin.

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Titanium tetrachloride, TiCl4, reacts with moisture in the air to produce titanium dioxide and hydrochloric acid, generating a dense white vapor; it is used in skywriting and smoke-screen devices. Like titanium, zirconium metal resists corrosion because it easily forms a tough oxide coating.

The name is derived from the Arabic word zargun, "gold colored. It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of ppm, making it the 18th most abundant element. Powered zirconium metal is very flammable, and is used in some military incendiary devices such as Dragon's breath. Like titanium and zirconium, it forms a highly corrosion-resistant oxide coating.

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The name comes from the Latin name for Copenhagen, Hafnia, the home of the Danish physicist Niels Bohr, who had suggested the arrangement of the outer electrons of the as-yet-unknown element. It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of 3. Hafnium is chemically very similar to zirconium see aboveand is often present as an impurity in zirconium metals. Hafnium is used in control rods for nuclear power plants because of its ability to absorb thermal neutrons.

It is also used in alloys with other metals, and in some ceramics. Rutherfordium is a synthetic element, produced by the bombardment of californium with carbon, or curium with oxygen The longest-lived isotope, rutherfordium, has a half-life of 65 seconds, so it's rather doubtful that we'll be building anything out of rutherfordium.

The element is named after the physicist Ernest Rutherford. Like many of the transition metals, the metal is resistant to corrosion because it forms a strong oxide coating; however, it does oxidize more readily at high temperatures.

It is named for the Scandinavian goddess of beauty, Vanadis Freya in Norse mythologybecause of the variety of colored salts it forms. It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of ppm, making it ooo fifth element trading 19th most abundant element.

It is usually obtained as a byproduct from the processing of other ores. One of the most common uses of vanadium metal is in alloys with iron, which is referred to as ferrovanadium, a strong, relatively lightweight, shock-resistant metal that is very resistant to corrosion.

It is used in springs, high-speed tools, surgical instruments, gears and crankshafts, and armor plating. Traces of vanadium are also present in Damascus steel, which was prized for its hardness and ability to keep a sharp edge. When alloyed with aluminum and titanium, it is used in jet engines and airframes.

Vanadium is a component in some enzymes. In some species of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, the iron-sulfur protein nitrogenase that is responsible for the "fixing" of nitrogen its reduction from N2 to NH3incorporates a vanadium ion, instead of the more typical molybdenum ion.

It is named after the Greek mythological character Niobe, daughter of Tantalus, because of the similarity of niobium to tantalum see below. It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of 20 ppm, making it the 33rd most abundant element.

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Tantalum is frequently found in trace amounts in niobium ores. Niobium is used everest program for binary options some alloys of stainless steel, in arc welding rods, in metal alloys used in aircraft construction, in surgical implants, in jewelry, and in some types of glass.

It is named after a character in Greek mythology, Tantalus father of Niobe.

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Tantalus killed his son, Pelops, and served him to the gods at a feast; the gods were not amused, and punished Tantalus in Hades by being made to stand in a pool of water surrounded by trees laden with fruit, but whenever he stooped to drink ooo fifth element trading water, it receded from him, and whenever ooo fifth element trading reached out for the fruit, the branches withdrew out of reach, leaving him forever thirsty and hungry.

This is also the derivation of the word "tantalize. It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of 2 ppm, making it the 51st most abundant element. Tantalum is used in some medical implants, such as pins in bone fractures, and in plating to replace damaged skull bone.

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It is also used in surgical and dental tools, in electronic capacitors, and in some turbine blades and rocket nozzles. Tantalum carbide, TaC, is an extremely hard material, and is used in some cutting tools. Dubnium is a synthetic element, produced by the bombardment of californium with nitrogen, or berkelium with oxygen The longest-lived isotope, dubnium, has a half-life of 34 seconds.

The status of the earliest claims for the production of this element was also disputed see section on Rutherfordiumand for a time was known as both neilsbohrium Nsthe name proposed by the Russian group at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, and as hahnium Haproposed by the team at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Since their d orbitals are one electron away from being half-filled i. Like many of the other transition metals, it forms a thin oxide coating chromic oxide, or chromium III oxide, Cr2O3 which protects the metal below from further oxidation. The name is derived from the Greek word for color, chroma, because of the wide variety of colorful salts it produces.

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It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of ppm, making it the 21st most abundant element. It is also used to electroplate metallic objects to give them a shiny, corrosion-resistant coating; this chrome plating is widely used in automobiles.

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Chromium III oxide, or chromic oxide, Cr2O3, is the ninth most abundant compound in the Earth's crust ppm by weight. Chromite ore can withstand high temperatures, and is used to make some refractory bricks firebrickswhich are used to line furnaces and kilns. Chromium compounds are also present in a number of dyes and paints, such as lead II chromate, PbCrO4, also known as chrome yellow, and chromium III oxide, Cr2O3, also known as chrome green or chromic oxide green. Chromium salts are also used in some types of colored glass.

Chromium salts are also responsible for the color of some gemstones. Rubies consist primarily of corundum aluminum oxide, Al2O3 ; trace amounts of chromium give the stones a red color. The red light that is produced in ruby lasers is a result of excitation of the chromium atoms.

ooo fifth element trading

Chromium ooo fifth element trading gives green and red colors to the gemstone alexandrite, a variety of the mineral chrysoberyl BeAl2O4. Chromium assists in the metabolism of glucose, but its exact function is not well understood. Chromium deficiency results in mild diabetes and reduced cholesterol levels; this condition is rare in developed countries.

There are a wide variety of foods which are plentiful in chromium, such as brewer's yeast, wine, corn oil, whole grains, egg yolks, calf's liver, peanuts, black pepper, and oysters; small amounts are also present in potatoes, beans, carrots, and apples. Chromium sulfate, Cr2 SO4 3, is used in the tanning of leather.

Chromium salts also serve as the basis of the "breathalyzer test" for the presence of alcohol. If this color change occurs in the test solution, this indicates the presence of alcohol in the breath. It is named for the Greek word molybdos, meaning "lead," because of its similarity to lead.


It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of 1. It is found in the ores molybdenite [molybdenum sulfide, MoS2], which is very similar to graphite in fact, both molybdenite and graphite have been used to make pencil "lead"and wulfenite [lead molybdate, PbMoO4].

ooo fifth element trading

Molybdenum is frequently used in alloys with other metals, such as high-temperature steels, and is used to manufacture engine parts, oil pipelines, aircraft parts, and armor plating.

Molybdenum atoms are present in the iron-sulfur protein nitrogenase, which is found in the rhizobia bacteria that are associated with the root nodules of leguminous plants such as beans, alfalfa, ooo fifth element trading, etc. Very pure tungsten can be cut relatively easily, but it becomes much harder and more brittle when it is mixed with impurities. Like many of the other transition metals, it is very resistant to corrosion. The name comes from the Swedish phrase tung sten, meaning "heavy stone.

It is found in the Earth's crust at a concentration of 1 ppm, making it the 58th most abundant element. Tungsten's high melting point and low vapor pressure allows it to be used as the filament in incandescent light bulbs. Tungsten's high density Tungsten carbide, WC, is one of the hardest substances known, and is used to make cutting tools, dental drills, rock drills for use in mining, and abrasives.

Seaborgium is a synthetic element, produced by the bombardment of californium with oxygen The longest-lived isotope, seaborgium, has a half-life of Scientists at the JINR claimed to have produced element inbut the result could not be confirmed. Albert Ghiorso, at the University of California, Berkeley, produced element in the same year, and confirmed the result inand was awarded credit for the discovery.

Ghiorso suggested the name "seaborgium" for the element, in honor of Glenn T.