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LPM 1 QW Cheques cleared before goods despatched.

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SV Audio filter for receivers r. Bv Memory Multi Channel OO - Howes CTU30 a. Discriminating Continuity Tester.

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Automatic NiCad Charger. Copyright in all drawings. All reasonable precautions are taken by Practical Wireless to ensure that the advice and data given to our readers are reliable. We cannot however guarantee it and we cannot accept legal responsibility for it. Prices are those current as we go to press.

Practical Wireless. May t may be important ' w other amawur radio manufacturers w offer equipment that, first and foremost, is built around an all-singing, all-dancing microprocessor. Equipment reviewers have spoken for many years of "excellent ergonomics", the ability w pick up a piece of KENWOOD equipment and operaw it first time with no reference w the user's handbook. The three new models featured on top bitcoin wallets page continue this design policy; equipment built w a high specification that are a pleasure w own and use.

However, by making one simple change from previous models, the THE 2 metre handheld has become much easier to use.

On the earlier TR and TRE two buttons had to be pressed each time a frequency in memory was required. On the THE a memory is selected by pressing one button. A small alteration but one that has changed the character of the handheld and brought it even more into line with the amateurs requirements.

A rugged diecast metal case adds to the strength of the handheld. Output power is dependent on voltage.

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Switched to its high power setting, the THE produces 2. This increases to 5 watts when supply is On its low power setting the output is approximately milliwatts. Dg the microcomputer work for you as opposed to you working for the microcomputer has resulted in a truly flexible piece of equipment.

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The repeater offset can also be programmed to shift. Length of operation has always been a problem with the handheld transceiver.

The THE with its battery saver successfully gets over this by switching off the receiver. The actual length of time the receiver is off can be determined by the user. The THaiS. Memory 1 is also used as a priority channel and memories 8 and 9 serve to define the optonbt binary options reviews of programmable scan. There are three modes of frequency scan, band, memory and programmable. These are seek where the scan instruction is cancelled once a signal is found, time where the set holds on an occupied optonbt binary options reviews for approximately 5 seconds and carrier where the scan is held until the carrier drops.

The transceiver also has reverse repeater, an illuminated display for night operation, priority channel operation so that an expected call is not missed, a lock which disables either transmit or keypad functions and an indicator which tells that the battery voltage has fallen below the level for good communications.

OO inc VAT, carriage 7. Unlike its predecessor, the TWE has full duplex facilities you can transmit on 2 metres Whilst, at the same time, receiving on 70 centimetres or vice versa. Crystals 4. The R52 8 also h as a. Operating on 12 volts DC, the 11, can he used either mobile or at home with the optional mains power s upply. Add a nicad battery pack and carrying case a rl!

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J'requency range of the A. R S from 25 to and from to MHz. The receiver has 20 m emores.

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The receiver has a push bu tton keypad for easy frequency en try and optonbt binary options reviews. A front panel knob allows the lstener to quckly step up or dow n in either 5. There is a fr ont panel 3. R Receiver, ,30 inc VAT, carrage 7. NB with remote head.

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N type connectors, NP. N type connectors. A7, carr Darlington, telephone Ches terton.


Cambridge, teleph o ne :,31 0. CiO Sou tll Wa les Ca. Cl fton Street, Ca. Lh 8 address. Tl Roac!.

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N o r thbourn e. Bourn em outh, telepllone 0 2 0 2 Although not a shop, there S on the South Coast a source of good advlce and equpment, John. An evening o r weekend call will y ou put in t. His telep hone n u mbe r Lowe Electronic Shops are open from 9. Shop lunch hours vary and are timed to suit local needs.

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Fo r exact details please telephone the shop manager. Chesterfield Road. C-7SA Features: All mode.

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Electronic Keye r. Full Break n 40wpm. HM36 Microphone. Transceiver has many features making it probably the best top of the line Amateur transceiver available today.

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This all mode transceiver features an internal aerial tuning unit and A C power supply. The AT. For the serious operator the kHzMHz general coverage receiver and dB dynamic range make it ideal for DX chas1og. Frequency selection is by the main VFO or via th e front panel direct access keypad. And for when reception is difficult. The CW.

The C-CR64 high stability crystal is sta ndard as is the C-V communications interface for computer contro l. Twin VFO's and split mode for cross band contacts the C 76 1 fea tures program sca nning, memory scan and mode select scan and the 32 lllemoles ca n store frequency and mode. The transceivers operating system S held permanently m ROM and is not dependa nt upon the lithium battery. The cell S used for memory back up only.

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A new style meter g ives P O, ALe. C Small Compact Size. FM Standard. Large LCD Readout. C-V Communications nterface. HMl2 Microphone.