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See Site Trading robots abound on the web today, especially since the popularization of online speculation.

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Moreover, more and more beginners are starting to trade and, thanks to the automatic transactions offered by these robots, the practice becomes even easier. Among the most popular robots on the web, we find OptiRobot, which boasts a successful trading even for the most unusual to make money And what are the expected returns in binary options?

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Our answers through this test: OptiRobot: A legal robot? OptiRobot explicitly states on its official website that it has been developed in France.

Robots and Automated Trading

A label that already reassures French traders, in addition to the fact that the software is available on the Interactive Option interface. The latter is a recognised broker in its field and is well regulated on the European market. This automatic trading software has also been developed by an independent company and its use is completely legal on the market.

What Is a Binary Options Robot? If going it alone makes you nervous, Option Robot can also connect you to reputable brokers who can assist you in your trading. Being able to view broker options without being previously assigned options is just one of the many useful features that Binary Robot offers. It is also able to customize the options and the inputs for these options as much as you want. Binary Robot Plus Binary Robot Plus is probably the most advanced tool and carries an extensive feature set because it is based on a real-world stock trading system.

On its official website, it is possible to contact its team directly to ask any questions or to be guided, and a FAQ area is also available on the OptiRobot portal, where all practical questions about the software are addressed.

OptiRobot: A reliable software or a virus?

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Many traders complained about downloading trading robots, which were actually viruses. In the case of OptiRobot, however, there is no fear to have on this point, unlike other software that requires a prior download, this trading robot is, in fact, directly usable online, which in no way affects his computer.

Traditional operating systems such as MacOS and Windows, as well as mobile systems such as iOS and Android are supported by this software, and OptiRobot is also compatible with the most popular browsers on the web, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox 3, and Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

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OptiRobot: How does trading work? OptiRobot offers automatic or semi-automatic trading in binary options. After opening a trading account with a broker, such as Interactive option, the trader only needs to link this account to OptiRobot to start trading, once the first deposit has been made, the robot then carries out the transactions, based on trading signals.

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The trader is free to make decisions robot for binary options q opton reviews time to time or to let the robot act alone. Fully automated, OptiRobot requires no knowledge on the part of the trader and can bet perfectly independently, and the software has been designed to comply with a few trading rules and avoids hedging strategies, martingale or pyramid schemes.

To make the best decisions, it also uses indicators of past events.

OptiRobot: What about yields? When it comes to trading robots, you have to be wary of promises of huge profits.

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However, the results of trades are perfectly verifiable and in particular in the case of OptiRobot, the performances are displayed directly on its website.

Duringhowever, the OptiRobot team claims an average monthly performance of However, for those who have no trading knowledge and no time to learn, the OptiRobot robot can give rather good results.

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OptiRobot: Free or paid? Of course, as a professional trading robot, OptiRobot is not cheap. A day free trial period is, however, offered to allow traders to test the tool, during which time the trader can make real gains of up to USD 15, Top 5 Brokers.

Free to join with flexible settings including indicators, expiry and methods. So the software will attempt to identify profitable trades, and will then place the trades automatically. This automated element takes signal services a step forward, and actually place the trades as well — rather than leaving that to the trader. These systems will have differing levels of risk management — from stop losses, to daily fixed spend limits.