Trading strategy for binary options Binary Killer

Killer strategies in binary options

Then we put our cross-hairs on that alert candle represented by my vertical white line on the pic and we look at the indicator in the bottom window which is my futuristic indicator modified.

killer strategies in binary options

Looking at it in my pic you trading signals robots see a short lime vertical line and an aqua line.

That represents how far in the future you will see the indicator lines in real life.

killer strategies in binary options

Now look at the indicator lines between the white line and the aqua line. You will notice that the red line has crossed the blue line and is heading up for the next 2 future candles. You will not see these 2 candles in real life as you do in this pic as this is the only way I could take a pic with all the info I needed to explain how all this works.

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K this is all you need to jump in the 3 trades right on that alert candle 1 Entry 3 trades but I am a slow poke so I waited for the next candle which I jumped in at 2 Entry 3 trades.

On the website I pointed out how sometimes you had up to 3 consecutive candles that the trades could have been placed on and still winners.

killer strategies in binary options