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History[ edit ] The series was the brainchild of Topps consultant and Pulitzer Prize -winning cartoonist Art Spiegelmanwho came up with the product idea after the success of his earlier creations Garbage Can-dy and Wacky Packages.

The concept originally began as an unreleased Wacky Packages sticker for a series, [3] but the management at Topps thought it would be a good idea for a separate spin-off series.

Spiegelman and fellow cartoonist Mark Newgarden worked together as the editors and art directors of the project, Len Brown was the manager and the first run of the cards was drawn exclusively by artist John Pound. Variations[ edit ] A smaller-sized card format was released in Australia and New Zealand.

Each pack contained three stickers and the "peel here" arrow pointed to how to make profit on options top left area, since there was no die-cut scoring.

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The first series was released in Australia and New Zealand in with different versions: the Australian stickers were darker, had a different banner and some of the names were changed to reflect cultural differences. From Series 2 onward, the same version was released in Australia and New Zealand.

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Series 4 was the last release of The Garbage Gang. Commercial success[ edit ] The commercial success of the trading cards led to the production of a live-action movie, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie[7] in An animated television series was also created inbut its initial scheduled broadcast in the U.

A similar set of trading cards, called The Sloppy Slobs, was released in Italy in Controversy and lawsuit[ edit ] School ban[ edit ] During the height of the cards' popularity, Garbage Pail Kids were banned in many schools. Production of the cards themselves continued, but by sales had dwindled and a planned Series 16 was never produced. ANS1 was entirely made up of artwork intended for release in the s as Series 16, but 's ANS2 featured brand-new and original concepts.

Unique numbers on the backs of silver foil and gold foil insert cards could be redeemed online at the official Garbage Pail Kids website, where visitors could build and "gross out" their own Garbage Pail Kids; as the number of unique code numbers applied to the character increased, the more gross it became.

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Less than six months later, ANS3 was released. Although a regular to the series with over 35 paintings, Luis Diaz was not involved in the sketch cards due to a previous financial dispute with Topps from years earlier.

January saw the release of ANS7 which expanded the base set to 55 new characters and was the last set to feature new artwork until 's Flashback Series 1 subset of six previously unpublished "lost" kids.

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The How to make money in the GPK cards differ from the original series OS in a number of ways, the most obvious being the upgraded quality of the card stock with a glossy protective surface. The ANS releases also changed the card numbering format: OS cards used a continuous numbering pattern so that each new set would pick up where the last one ended e.

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Each How to make money in the GPK also featured special chase cards randomly inserted in packs; for example, foil cards show characters from the original series with modified artwork due to the lawsuitScratch 'n Stink cards, collectible card game cards,[ citation needed ] temporary tattoos3D pop-up cards, alphabet cards, activity cards, magnets, lenticular Loco Motion cards and die-cut jigsaw puzzle cards, along with special bonus cards available only at participating retailers in either "bonus boxes" or rack-packs; these bonus stickers were the first cards not to have a twin set.

Flashback re-releases[ edit ] The book with the first five series Topps released a 25th anniversary Flashback set [15] on February 24,featuring reprints of characters from the original —87 GPK series eight each from OS1 to OS8 plus six previously unpublished "lost" characters and 10 Where Are They Now?

Book[ edit ] Topps and Abrams Books recently released a hardcover book that showcases the first five series.

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The cover depicts a pack from the very first series released back in Each card is displayed with the "a" name and the "b" name on the bottom corner of the page.

It also included four new chase cards that were wrapped in cellophane and adhered to the inside back cover of the book, but were easily removable without running the risk of damaging the book.

Brand-New Series sets[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message InTopps announced it would reboot the Garbage Pail Kids franchise with new character and content themes more reminiscent of the original s series in a set called Brand-New Series 1 BNS1.

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The set was released on October 24, BNS2 was released in March and features 55 new characters, 18 reimagined characters, lenticular cards, glow in the dark cards and folded cards. Unlike the All-New Series set and like the old series sets, the numbering of BNS continues where the previous series ended. They have now announced that there will be a BNS3 released in the middle of October, after the release of the Chrome edition in August. Chrome Series sets[ edit ] In OctoberTopps re-released the original Series 1 as a metallic chromium card set containing all 41 kids, plus 14 previously unpublished "lost" kids.

Chrome Series cards are thicker than the original cards and are not stickers.

Garbage Pail Kids

Like the older cards, these have activities on the back of the cards, including checklists, puzzles and Fakebook profiles. Yearly themed series[ edit ] After the 30th Anniversary Series, Topps began using a new formula that structured each series with an overall theme divided into subsets focusing on particular topics.

The first series for was January's Adam-geddon, which put the Garbage Pail Kids including some classic kids in perilous end-times scenarios. IO smart contract platform. Each card is certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered.

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This is a limited edition series and only a finite number of cards will ever be createdBase Cards are included in every pack. Only of these Golden Cards will ever be minted. Golden Cards come in 41 characters, each with an "A" name and a "B" name. Collectors can trade their digital cards with others, showcase their inventory on social media, and gift their cards to friends.

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Trades are instant and free on the WAX blockchain and every card's complete trading history and ownership records are stored on the WAX blockchain.