Commodity Futures and Options

Trading options on CME


    trading options on CME

    Long Options: Underlying and Volatility Impact When trading options, all variables need to be considered, and the combination of these variables may lead to different results. Gain a better understanding of how changes in underlying prices and implied volatility affect an options premium.

    trading options on CME

    This course contains six lessons, such as: Long Call Position with Change in Underlying Price Long Put Position with Change in Volatility Long Call Position with Change in Volatility and Underlying Price Options on Futures for Equity Traders This course is geared towards traders familiar with trading equity options and will show you how a little knowledge around futures can help you transition from equity options to options on futures, using many of the strategies you already deploy.

    Build and refine your trading strategies with free pricing and analytics tools for CME Group markets. Practice trading, charting, and price analysis.

    trading options on CME

    Since practice makes perfect, our trading simulator and analysis tools offer hands-on learning in the futures and options markets.