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This was not just an artistic or sentimental decision.

Astro Trading - The MOON Controls the Market - Lunar Price Correlations (MUST WATCH)

Morgan is thought to have paid considerable attention to astrology when conducting his business dealings. Another major figure in finance thought to have referred to astrology is legendary trader, investor and philanthropist George Soros a Leo.

Meridian noted that there is a tendency for the share price to rise during this year period, but it tends to peak when Saturn reaches the MC. Midpoints[ edit ] Not all natal points are created equal.

Trading astrology and Soros are not alone. Having seen that planet Pluto was set to move into the constellation of Capricorn, she advised clients to take their assets out of banks.

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Financial astrologers claim that insights like these are underpinned by science. In simple terms, they think that planets, constellations and other celestials bodies emit energy by themselves and when interacting with each other. And over time we can say that traders always take things in that particular direction when this planetary influence occurs.

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Morgan Some celestial processes, including the one that brought Pluto into Capricorn at the time of the financial crisis, take hundreds of years to play out.

As well looking to the heavens, traders need to think astrologically about themselves, financial astrologists believe.

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Those born under some signs may simply be better suited to trading than others. Meanwhile, she particularly enjoys working with Taurus traders. Information-hungry Geminis can also do very well as traders, she adds.

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Your star sign can also be an indicator of what kind of trading would suit you best. When she trading astrology working with a new client she asks for the dates and times of their most successful trades to get a sense of how they function astrologically.

Last updated Nov 23, Reading Time: 3 minutes 0 1, Share Astrology is defined as the study of the movements of celestial bodies and their positions which is interpreted as having an influence on the natural world. Astrology is an ancient art of studying the influence of planets and the stars which has been practiced by cultures across the globe. Astrology is often used in day to day lives, with farmers in some parts of the world looking to trading astrology skies to time their plantations or even when it comes to starting a new business venture and of course, the zodiac signs on a more personal level. Astrology has found its way to the financial markets as well, although the ideas based on astrology are either shot down quite quickly or simply too complex to understand. For the most part, traders who rely on the fundamentals and the technical aspects of trading, making room for astrology can be quite difficult.

Traders should be also be aware of some big celestial events coming up in the near future that may affect them, says Skinner. First, this September will see Jupiter and Neptune shifting out of their present alignment, meaning that the current overheated feel of some markets will come to an end.

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Then will bring further volatility, thanks to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto coming together in the sign of Capricorn. But, she adds, the presence of Jupiter could mitigate this by encouraging people to place more faith in personal relationships and feelings of trust between individuals.

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But, of course, you may be unconvinced by financial astrology, seeing little evidence of the kinds of connections it predicts between astronomical activity and events on Earth.