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Options cheat sheet


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    Put option - Contract that gives the buyer the right to buy the stock from the market at the lower market price and then sell the same stock to the seller at the high strike price. Strike Price - The price where the underlying stock would have to be or better in order to exercise the option.

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    Option Expiration - Stated as the month and year in which the option contract expires. It is typically the close of trading on the third Friday of the month.

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    In the money - Term used to describe an option where the market price of the underlying stock is above for Call Option or below for Put Option the strike price.

    Intrinsic value - That portion of the option premium that correlates to how much it is "in the money". Time value - That portion of the option premium that is not Intrinsic Value.

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    The farther away the current date is from the expiration options cheat sheet, the more Time Value you have. Net Debit - Type of transaction where you end up paying money to either open or close a position. Net Credit - Type of transaction where you receive money to open or close a position. Option Naming Scheme The option naming standards are surprisingly easy to understand.

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