Film Review: ‘The Brass Teapot’

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See All Aladdin had his magic lamp. Snapped up by Magnolia out of Toronto, this VOD-led indie should score some extra coin in limited release, but plays just fine on smallscreens.

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Inspired by an original short story she stumbled across online, a darkly comic cautionary tale in the tradition of W. Endearingly played by Michael Angarano and Juno Templetwentysomething lovebirds John and Alice can barely make rent when the teapot falls into their laps.

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In theory, the two actors make a curious match — he of the perpetual babyface and she voluptuous beyond her years — and yet, the early scenes quickly establish that nothing in the world matters more to them than one another, which is the ideal dynamic for a supernatural litmus test: This teapot has a way of bringing out the worst in its owners.

During a country drive, Alice enters a rundown antique store and steals the ancient device from a knowing old Jewish woman.

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The vessel itself comes with a shady occult history, along with a fair number of tacky stereotypes seeking to possess it, ranging from a pair of cartoonish Hassidic money- grabbers Thomas MiddleditchRobert Michael McClure to a mysterious Asian figure Stephen Park.

Despite the inherent perversity of the concept, Mosley succeeds in maintaining a certain sweetness throughout. Even more impressively, she makes her low-budget enterprise look as slick as most midrange studio comedies, demonstrating herself a director with both imagination and technical ingenuity. In Toronto Film Festival — Discovery.

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Running time: MIN. Executive producers, Diane Nabatoff, P.

Rated R; violence, some sexual content, language and drug use With: Juno Temple, Michael Angarano, Alexis Bledel In theory, it's romantic to watch young couples struggling. We're used to seeing 'em in movies from the '30s, '40s and onward: He makes only enough money to put beans, not steak, on the table.

Directed by Ramaa Mosley. Screenplay, Tim Macy; story, Macy, Mosley.

After U. Warren G.