Konyshev Gas Oil Trading.

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He lived in Germany beginning in when he was ten and attended the Chinese intelligence linked University of International Relations in Switzerland until his father Dmitry's untimely death by heart attack in the south of France in at which time he returned to St. Petersburg to take over most of his father's businesses and concerns.

Konyshev Gas Oil Trading

According to Robert Eringerhis father Dmitry, who was expelled from Monaco inwas a business partner with Vladimir Putin and was suspected of money laundering through his oil company Sotrama on behalf of narcotics trade.

His grandfather Eduard was very close to Putin. Wex has a Singapore address in its incorporation documents.

Konyshev Gas Oil Trading

Wex succeeded the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e which was very popular in Russia. In Aprilhe agreed to sell Wex.

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Bilyuchenko had been the technical expert for the BTC-e exchange and again was the technical expert for the Wex exchange. Vinnik was arrested at HalkidikiCreteGreeceunder articles of "fraud" on 25 July Apparently, Bilyuchenko remains in Russia.

Konyshev Gas Oil Trading

During the s and early s, he was the head of Itera 's debt department and was involved in the Konyshev Gas Oil Trading of natural gas from Russia to Ukraine.

He is very close to Alexander Borodai and Konstantin Malofeev.

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He is the head of the Union of Volunteers of Donbass. In Aprilhe planned to move Wex.

  1. After working for one year at the Lockheed Missile and Space Company in Sunnyvale, California, he left to pursue graduate studies at Purdue University.
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