Trump raised $200m from false election claims. What happens to the money now?

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He can hold rallies, hire staff and even lay groundwork for a potential run. President Trump during a rally in Valdosta, Ga. Trump will exit the White House as a private citizen next month perched atop a pile of campaign cash unheard-of for an outgoing president, and with few legal limits on how he can spend it.

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Deflated by a loss he has yet to acknowledge, Mr. Trump will control after he leaves office. Those funds, which far exceed what previous outgoing presidents had at their disposal, provide him with tremendous flexibility for his post-presidential ambitions: He could use the money to quell rebel factions within the party, reward loyalists, fund his travels and rallies, hire staff, pay legal bills and even lay the groundwork for a far-from-certain run.

The post-election blitz of fund-raising has cemented Mr. So did his second biggest day.

Trump And Biden Raise Money For Election Legal Fights : Updates: Election Results : NPR

And his third. Giuliani the day after the election. She served as a senior adviser and surrogate to Mr. Gabriela Bhaskar for The New York Times During the campaign, many of the large expenditures, like television and digital ad buys, were routed through a secretive L.

That allowed the Trump campaign and its joint committee with the national party to effectively shield many details of its spending, including who was being paid and how much.

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What no one knew was that the L. Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for Mr. Trump, said both Ms. Trump and Mr.

Trump raised $200m from false election claims. What happens to the money now?

Pence resigned from the board in October He added that neither was paid for being on the board. Filings show the vast majority of funds were spent after Ms.

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Trump resigned from the board. The complaint is pending. For Mr.

Trump, the quarter-billion dollars he and the party raised over six weeks is enough to pay off all of his remaining campaign bills and to fund his fruitless legal challenges and still leave tens of millions of dollars.

His refusal to accept Joseph R. Biden Jr. He has been keeping a low profile since losing the election. Trump say he appears shrunken, and over his job; this detachment is reflected in a Twitter feed that remains stubbornly more focused on unfounded allegations of fraud than on the death toll from the raging pandemic.

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Trump has talked about running again in — but he also may not. He has created this new PAC, but a different how to make money trump entity could still be in the works, people involved in the discussions said. Talk of counterprogramming Mr. Trump had been tentatively planning to go to Georgia on Saturday, according to a senior Republican official, to support the two Republicans in Senate runoff races there.

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There is some discussion about him going after the Christmas holiday. Still, the Trump political apparatus has taken advantage of the grass-roots energy and excitement over the two runoffs to juice its own fund-raising.

Instead, the fine print shows 75 percent of the donations to the Georgia fund go to Mr. Trump and the R. Image Election workers during the Fulton County ballot recount in Atlanta last month.

What happens to the money now?

Nicole Craine for The New York Times Even some of his biggest post-election spending that his campaign labeled recount-related was routed through the L. For a sense of scale of just how much money Mr.

Ryan, a longtime campaign finance attorney with the good government group Common Cause.

Some campaign finance experts have speculated that Mr. Trump might try to use the excess of cash in his new PAC, formally known as a leadership PAC, to pay for his own personal future legal quagmires, as he faces investigations once he leaves office.

Trump has never shied from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars from his contributors on his private businesses, a practice he could continue or expand while out of office. It is not clear where his post-presidential operation will be based or who will run it, although several advisers expect it will be in Florida, where he is planning to move.

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But as a former president, Mr. Trump will be allocated a certain amount of taxpayer money for staff and need money to earn space for life after leaving the White House, and he is beginning to have discussions about which aides from the West Wing will accompany him. His senior political advisers — Bill Stepien, Justin Clark and Jason Miller, among others — are among those who may stay involved with him politically.

While Mr. He has already endorsed Ronna McDaniel, a close ally, to serve another term as chair of the R.

Trump’s Future: Tons of Cash and Plenty of Options for Spending It

He has floated primary challenges to Republicans, such as Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia, who have crossed him by rejecting his baseless theories of election fraud. One person close to Mr. That uncertainty is causing anxiety for a number of advisers and aides to the president, some of whom might join other campaigns but are stuck in limbo until Mr.

Trump makes up his mind. Announcing for president would trigger tighter rules on Mr. Image Mr. Trump has yet to announce if he will run again how to make money trump Both the R. Bush, Barack Obama and other presidents have followed in keeping their mouths shut and letting the new president try to govern.