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Read The Balance's editorial policies Madison DuPaix Updated November 20, At age 14, you're old enough to get working papers —also known as work permits—in most states. You will need the signature of parents and an employer willing to sign them.

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However, even with these papers in hand, you're still too young to operate machinery, use knives, serve alcohol, or drive a car.

If you're lucky enough to have an employer ready to sign your papers and hire you for age-appropriate work and wagescongratulations. If not, consider several other money-earning options. Be aware, though, that babysitting isn't for everyone.

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If you're looking after an infant, you may need to change diapers, prepare a bottle, or cope with a gassy tummy. Toddlers require complete focus—one minute of distraction could lead to disaster.

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Young children can be demanding and noisy and hard to manage. In short, babysitting isn't just a chance to get paid while watching TV and eating snacks.

It's real work and a major responsibility. Opportunities still are available, but they are tougher to find.

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That's because many newspapers have gone to web formats, while others have hired services that deliver papers quickly by car. People enjoy receiving a paper from a young person on a bike and often are willing to tip lavishly—especially around the holidays.

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There are also year-round opportunities to make money. Some options for yard work include raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter, yard clean-up and planting in the spring, and mowing and weeding in the summer. Be sure you negotiate a fair hourly fee for your work as you'll be working hard.

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By advertising and getting good references, you actually can become the neighborhood pet-care professional—the person neighbors turn to when they go out of town. You will need to be very responsible with homeowners' keys: The first time you forget to lock up the house, you're likely to lose your job.

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If you do well as a junior counselor, you may find it easy to slip into a senior counselor position when you turn What Do You Love? While making money is a fine ambition in itself, it's not enough to keep you motivated and focused for the long term.

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Think hard about the demands of the job you're pursuing before you take on the responsibility.