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make money video

Tweet this article Looking for ways make money video monetize your YouTube account? How are views converted into income on YouTube?

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Without a definite number, the best place to start is to join the YouTube Partner Program YPPand then learn the differences between ads that pay-per-click or ads that pay-per-impression view. Once you join the YPP, you can turn on ads for your videos.

How much income you generate from ads on your videos is difficult to determine exactly since it depends on the Google Adsense auction system. Obviously, you have to consent to show ads before your videos will appear on the Adsense system.

make money video

If there are enough bidders, Adsense determines a winner based on the cost the advertiser is willing to pay and the quality of their ad. You can find more detailed information from this Adsense Help page.

Ways to make money in the YouTube Partner Program

The actual amount earned per ad depends primarily on the three factors detailed above: the number of advertisers bidding for your videos, the quality of their ads, and how many impressions and clicks the ads receive once they are live on your videos.

Those are the main factors; there are a number of others that can affect the final pay dramatically, including what region of the world you live in or are marketing to. YouTube is also served by numerous smaller advertisement providers other than Adsense.

By Mary Hall Updated Feb 14, Making money from YouTube used to be as simple as uploading great content, garnering millions of views, and earning a share of advertising revenue.

This is a smaller program, however, and generally available only to larger content producers. Views and clicks: key differences Ads used to be marketed on a cost-per-impression CPM model in which ads paid per views.

How Many Views do You Need to Make Money on YouTube?

Today, most advertisers, like Adsense, have moved away from that model. What other ways can you make money on YouTube?

make money video

Brave Basic Attention Tokens BAT earned when you view the opt-in ads on the Brave browser are deposited monthly into your secure wallet, and from there you can tip YouTube content creators directly. Brave users can also choose to use the Auto-Contribute feature and automatically give a set amount of their BAT per month to creators.

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Affiliate links Affiliate links work well if you frequently share items and encourage your viewers to purchase them. You can also direct traffic to non-YouTube sites and push affiliated merchandise there.

Brands commissions Commissions pay very well if you have a considerable number of viewers, and are looking for a one time sum in exchange for supporting a particular brand. Merchandise Selling your make money video merchandise lessens your dependence on views and ads, but you still need a dedicated following who want your products. An online store or YouTube merchandise shelf provides a way to organically self-promote while making money.

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Patreon Some content creators look outside YouTube altogether. Patreon provides a way for content creators to generate monthly subscription fees, as well as one-time donations, so it pays well to make frequent videos for your channel.

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Most experts recommend having at least 20, subscribers before beginning a Patreon, but each channel is different. It is really up to you as the creator to determine when is best. Using a variety of different ways to make money diversifies your means of income.

make money video

Conclusion Some YouTube content creators rely on thousands or even millions of views to generate the ad revenue they need to support themselves. Others lessen their reliance on ads by diversifying, with affiliate links and merchandise shelves.

Earn money from in-stream ads in your videos

For all YouTube content creators, Brave browser provides an additional source of income. In turn, users gain a options how to trade correctly of participation and gratification; rewarding their favorite content creators and helping to transform the Internet economy. Related articles.