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Swss uard binary options, Binary Options Watch Dog is a scam web site

When it comes to binary options, the Watchdog owns the yard without question. We also blacklist fraudulent brokers, and recommend systems that perform.

swss uard binary options

If you have been scammed or are searching the internet for genuine crypto robot reviews then this site is. But what really drives the site is this: Roy reviews and recommends binary options trading application of indicators of binary options to his readers. Sometimes he went by the name of Roy Tribble, sometimes he went by the name of Justin Tribble, and sometimes he went swss uard binary options an entirely different name altogether — which was Dr.

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Bill H. So it looks like the guy pictured above Binary options watchdog scam indeed our guy. Which is why I was shocked to come online just the other day to see it had all disappeared…. So has he been sent to jail? According to the archive. And like I just mentioned above, the same now seems to apply for all of his social media channels too….

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So regarding the whole Dr. Has he been closed down? Has binary options watchdog scam gone to jail? Is he on the run? And what about all of his victims that lost money to his scams?

swss uard binary options

How can they get their money back? Something big has certainly happened because even his LinkedIn profile as shown below has disappeared too:. His BinaryWatchdog. And why so shortly after has everything disappeared?

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He called them scammers, because they outed him as a scam. Have you found yourself a victim of the scam? It looks like Roy started another scam this started back in late Sept.

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I received an email from him saying he became acquainted with a person Mitchell Drake who had worked with a Large Swiss bank trading stocks and forex. Supposedly Mitchell had left the Bank and when he did he took a swss uard binary options program that would allow the Bank to intercept incoming electronic trades and based on these trades the Bank could swss uard binary options which trades were buys and which were sells.

Mitchell was willing to help the common person to get rich by trading your personal account based on the amount you opened your Brokerage with. He was going to use this computer program that he had taken from the Bank. Roy was sending email on how he was doing with Mitchells help. Race option was the Brokerage he suggested to use.

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There were more than a dozen people that were thanking him for their weekly incomes on his Facebook page. After about 2 months I decided to invest.

Which was around the middle of Dec. I am beginning to think that this whole thing was made up by Roy as a last big Scam of his.

swss uard binary options

He might have walked of with several million with this Scam. Sorry to hear that Richard — it does indeed sound like another scam, especially since it involves the use of Bitcoin for the transaction as Bitcoin transfers are non-traceable.

For some reason when I read your post about Roy Tribble the post gave me concern about him. Swss uard binary options is the reason I replied to you in the way I did.

Banc de Swiss is Safe to trade and is not a scam. Substandard quality of the trading software used The first thing you can do to verify if an online broker is a fraud or not, is to take a look at its trading platform.

After reading your information and adding some of what I was feeling, I was compelled to write to you about my feeling at the time. This was for your information and not the whole world! Just checking to see if you had taken my reply down that I wrote on January 7th.

I would appreciate it if you would take my reply down! My reasoning for this is as I stated yesterday on Jan. I know from your post that you are and after reading your article I was convinced enough for me to write to you, however I did not know you were going to post that reply for everyone to read.


I am not comfortable with it being posted for everyone to read as all the evidence I have before me currently skew in options only circumstantial. If this turns out to be a scam, I will come back to you with solid evidence that I can offer as proof and you can post it for all to read and make their decisions from that evidence.

If you are going to keep showing my reply, how about you also posting my emails to you asking for my reply to be removed! So if you are not going to take my original reply down please post my last 2 emails along with this one! As I want people reading your post to know My reasoning for asking that my reply be removed is even though I have concern I still have doubt as I do not have s0olid evidence that Roy is a scam artist!

So please either take my reply down or post these 3 emails along with my original reply! Hi Richard — my apologies as for the past few days I have been traveling with limited internet access.


I am curious though — binary options watchdog scam is the update to your situation since Jan 7th? Did you manage to get your money back or receive contact? Would be very interested in hearing how things went. Same here.

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I participated in the Mitchell Drake investment stuff. Yet to hear from him again. Hope he comes back someday. The reason i wanted to know about Richard is because i heard about this too.

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Liam were you in the group? I want to know also to see if people are actually getting anything from this. Richard clearly disappeared. Unfortunately, I was part of this group, binary options watchdog scam.

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The last communication from them was late February. Binary options watchdog scam Richard, binary options watchdog scam, how come no reply?

swss uard binary options

Liam I was part of this group also and have not heard anything since early February and nobody responds to my emails.

This is so messed up.

swss uard binary options

What did the last email you sent say? Did they explain anything about what is going on? I sure would like to know since you heard from them after me.

swss uard binary options

Lucas, I was communicating with Stefan and the last I heard of him was 28 Feb. Liam, samething with me last contact was on february 28 but nothing after that.

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Nobody answers. Let me know how we can talk in private. Hey Richard mahan, do you have an update on the group, binary options watchdog scam.

The list of regulated brokers is growing and this is good news in trading binary options industry, in fact after the recent regulation binary benchOptiontimeswiss bank of 24option and finally WinnerOptionwe can that rejoice in obtaining CySEC license by more and more brokers. Brokers crooked had better watch out!

You never said anything else about this. Some of us will like to know since we got scammed, binary options watchdog scam.

Hb Swiss Login

From that email I was hoping that soon I could start asking for Monero to be sent to my account and that was the reason for advisor keltner binary options that my response be removed, because it looked like Mitchell was going to start paying.

I am now assured this whole thing that Roy Tribble said about Mitchell Drake being a Banker that took a computer program from his Bank and wanted use the program to help the little guy make money is a SCAM! In fact I have come to believe you are a made up person just binary options watchdog scam the other two. Liam it seems like this guy Roy Tribble is a Scam Artist. I watched his site for about 3 years and tried some of his Binary Options trading however I stayed away from them because of my having little money to invest, binary options watchdog scam.