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    You can trade using The Point figures in trading Figure chart too. A common old saying says talks about the many ways of skinning a cat.

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    The same analogy can be applied in the world of financial trading. Millions of traders participate in the industry every day, and each of these traders use different strategies to make money.

    Updated Aug 30, Big Figure: An Overview The term big figure refers to the stem, or whole dollar value, of a price quote.

    There are those who focus on fundamental analysis and others who focus on technical analysis. On technical, there are those who focus on just a single indicator like the Relative Strength Index RSI and those who focus on a combination of the indicators.

    In this article, we will focus on a strategy that is not very common.

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    As we have written before, most traders use candlestick patterns and a few of them use bar charts. There are others who use relatively unknown charts like the Point and Figure. This is a type of chart that is not very common but one that can help you identify quality signals.

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    It was first written about in the Wall Street Journal in the early s by a writer who has not been well-written about. There is not one person who can claim to be the discoverer of the indicator. In the early days of trading, traders used various methods of recording price action.

    The point and figure was born from the need to remove unnecessary noise in the market. The figure chart, which showed the prices of an asset was the first to be used.

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    2. Point and Figure Charting: A Basic Introduction

    Later on, traders started replacing the figures with specific points. As the trading industry advanced, they replaced this with the Point and Figure chart.

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    Today, figures in trading kind of charts have been computerized and one can find them in a number of charting software. To install it in the Metatrader, you need to download it from the marketplace and install it.

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    You can also find a limited version of it in Trading View. To construct it, you need three main components: A reversal size parameter.

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