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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you want my team to just do your marketing for you, click here. When I started bloggingone of the crazy activities that killed my productivity was checking out new personal blog themes.

But I know better now. Did you know that your success as a content marketer goes beyond writing great content? It must have a responsive design, not just be pretty.

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Can you find one? Sure you can. I decided to write this article because I get a lot of emails from readers who want to find the right WordPress themes that will aid in effective content marketing. Without much ado, here is a list of 32 professional, free WordPress themes that you can download: 1.

It was developed using Bootstrap 3. This modern theme has a front-end framework feature that optimizes it to display smartphones, desktops, tablets, and other devices well. For effective content marketingyou need a WordPress theme that hands control over to you so that you can add, modify, or delete any plugin, section, or even modify the layout as you see fit.

This theme cuts across different industries such as education, internet earnings wordpress templates, web design, marketing, health and fitness, and many more. This flat theme has mint green accent colors and will inspire you to embrace the best find a trading robot of content marketing. What more could you want? What really stands out about OceanWP is its demos — these are essentially fully-build websites you can copy and then customize.

The theme is fully responsive, offers fast load times, built-in SEO features, and is translation ready.

1. Develop WordPress Themes

If your business sells physical or digital products, OceanWP has you covered with built-in WooCommerce functionality. It has some premium functionalities that allow you to change the theme layout full, no sidebar, or wide, for example. This responsive WordPress theme is mobile responsive, modern, and can be used for virtually any subject or business objective. The flexibility that the theme offers enables you to alter its layout until it suits your objective. What I like about Ascent is the richness of the slider that appears above the header.

In other words, your pictures get an added optimization that would make them stand out from the rest. This theme has been downloaded over 30, times, making it one of the most popular responsive WordPress themes of both professional and free.

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A right and left sidebar gives you added flexibility, and this theme is translation-ready. Auberge [ Preview — Download ] Do you struggle to create the right content for your customers?

If you want to attract and nurture an audience with your personal blog, you need various content. You need the right WordPress theme and Auberge may just be the right one.

One vital reason why you probably should consider this theme is because the content can be easily showcased on retina displays that have high resolutions. A challenge that most site owners face when showcasing their best content, is resizing and compatibility issues, which severely drops the value of the content.

When constructing your pages, you can use the Beaver page builder plugin. You can download and use the lite version at no cost. Top features include easy to use customizer, WooCommerce ready, page builder compatibility, and fast load times.

Starting A Profitable WordPress Theme Business in

It is also SEO friendly and provides clean, optimized code for fast loading times. If you are looking for a highly flexible theme with e-commerce capabilities, Hestia is a solid choice. The posts are also showcased, using three distinct widgets.

The layout of this theme is constructed using the Bootstrap frameworkwith mobile responsiveness in mind. In particular, mobile users will benefit from your blog, if you use this theme.

Another essential feature of Awaken is the nifty slider. The theme options panel gives you added flexibility, which enables you to change the theme color, font attributes, and links. Neve Free WordPress Theme [ Preview — Download ] Neve is a light, modern WordPress theme that will serve your content marketing needs because it has clean and validated code.

One other feature of Neve WordPress theme offers easy setup, reliable updates, fast load times, and it is compatible with AMP.

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Neve is focused on being lightweight, fast, and easy to use, making it an ideal free WordPress theme for beginners or anyone who wants an easy-to-build site. The design layout is optimized to engage readers and to cause them to explore your site further. SSMAG was created in Apart from being browser internet earnings wordpress templates, the SSMAG theme supports embedded video, which will play a vital role in explaining what your blog is all about, instead of using your featured image on a post page.

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Albar Free WordPress Theme [ Preview — Download ] Albar is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used to build a business website, portfolio, e-commerce store, or blogging site.

It is responsive, which means it easily adapts to all types internet earnings wordpress templates devices including tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers. The theme features minimal settings to make it easier to use, but enough customizations to let you build exactly the site you need. It is lightweight, scalable, and offers security features so your site will be fast and secure. Esteem Free WordPress Theme[ Preview — Download ] Most beginners to blogging are looking for a WordPress theme that will showcase their portfolio or samples so that potential clients can find them easily.

Esteem is a simple theme that offers unlimited theme color options so bitcoin in dollars you can change the feel and look of your site to stand out from the competition. The Esteem theme comes with two custom themes.

One of the themes is custom-built to display your products, portfolio or services. You can upload and set your custom logo and site title from the theme options panel. If you want to gain traction, nurture a loyal audienceand establish your brand internet earnings wordpress templates, you should leverage the Esteem theme customizable header image.

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Well, Accelerate is right here to fill that spot. Accelerate theme sends a strong, clear message to your target audience, through its flat and straight-forward design that blends perfectly with your content video, blog posts, audio, etc. Accelerate is fully responsive and displays well on any type of mobile device.

Moreover, the theme is retina-ready, to enhance your audience viewing experience and lower bounce rate. Ample is a free minimalist and multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with feature-rich options for customizing your layout and setting the right metrics for your site. Mobile device responsiveness helps your search engine results.

Building your personal brand is an essential part of running a successful online business. I also know a few bloggers who started out with this theme, but later changed when their business grew. Why am I saying this?

WP Premium takes a content-first approach.

1. Freemium Business Model

The homepage widget areas let you manage your sidebar, header, navigation menu, and footer. Other functionalities are a wide selection of widgets, such as the author widget that displays relevant information about the author or blog owner. Quickstart [ Preview — Download ] This is a free and professional theme from Gabfirethemes.

What differentiates this theme from others is the fact that you can structure your personal blog layout as you want it to be. From the themes control panel, you can select alternative header templates quickly.

No coding experience is required to effect this change in a highly responsive design. Localization support is also enabled, because Quickstart was designed to appeal to international and local site owners.

How to Get Started with Your WordPress Theme Business?

There is also another feature that makes this theme unique. The Internet earnings wordpress templates module. It adapts to different screen sizes, making it possible for your texts and images to display perfectly on iPads, iPhones, tablets, and other mobile devices, including smartwatches.

Onesie is easy to customize. You can change the background image to whatever you want. The header images can be customized to your taste. You can also create custom navigation menus, choose the right font, and alter the layout design for optimal user experience. It also contains standard theme features, such as the theme options, automatic updates, and translation-reader functionality.

32 Free WordPress Themes For Effective Content Marketing

Sinatra is one of the most lightweight and easily customizable WordPress themes that you can download for free. Calenotis is a popular theme used in the health and fitness industry. The fullscreen slider will house your best works, latest pictures, upcoming programs, and more.

This theme also supports modern web tools and plugins. This theme is super fast. Your users will thank you for it. The single post area is professionally designed, and the font style and size are carefully set to make maximum impact. Typepress [ Download ] Typepress is why the options strategy does not work free and colorful WordPress theme.

Colors drive people. In fact, in the psychology of colorscertain colors have proven to improve click rate on call-to-action as well as increase sales. It was developed by Arm Studio and released for free to the world. Browser compatibility is one feature that makes this theme a resourceful one. Foodica fills the food-blog gap by providing a beautiful, easy to use theme for food or recipe-based websites.

It features a beautiful slider, responsive layout, and featured slider support for posts. There are several ways to monetize and make money from a blog. That said, do internet earnings wordpress templates know that the manner by which you place your affiliate links, promotional banners, and other calls-to-action plays a vital role in your conversion rate? It does! Business WordPress theme may be free, but it comes with premium functionalities that make it easier to advertise on your blog like a pro.

You can customize your logo, header image, background color, or other images.

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Its responsive design with the drag-and-drop slideshow interface gives you internet earnings wordpress templates added experience, and your site visitors will fall in love with it. When it comes to branding, GreatMag is flexible.

You can also use different themes to customize your site to your liking. But, you can use this Basic theme. Most successful marketing blogs are built on minimalist personal blog designs, with the primary focus on the content and user. You can achieve this through the Themify options panel.

This theme was designed with features that will take you from where you are in your content marketing career to a new level. The lightbox gallery, RSS, footer menu, 5 theme skins, social icons, child theme support, and more will internet earnings wordpress templates internet earnings wordpress templates blogging experience and that of your users.

It features parallax scrolling to present beautiful images in an easy-to-navigate format. One of the challenges of content marketing is producing engaging content. Even if you succeed at creating the right type of contenthow do you present it to your audience? What format will be best for you? Parallax is one of the responsive WordPress themes that can help here.

What if you can cut through the chase, use the different widgets for the header, sidebar, footer, and single post to showcase different content types such as videos, slide internet earnings wordpress templates, blog posts, e-books, and continue to evolve your site based on real metrics? Parallax offers a drag-and-drop editor, meets SEO best practices, and helps increases time on page with 3D animation effects. Just remember that these images are heavy, so they can slow page speed down.

For example, if you run a digital camera reviews blog, you can use this theme to display your best shots, edited works, and more. This theme is highly customizable, as it was built with the Elementor plugin that allows you to easily move all the elements around. It also supports Ecommerce if your business sells physical or digital products.

Airi also offers a bunch of demos you can import, edit, and publish. If you want a professional website done internet earnings wordpress templates, this is an ideal theme to consider.

Any search engine will love its responsive design. It supports Hybrid Tabs, post formats, Gravity Forms, and much more. Live Wire has features that make it possible for you to customize several elements, such as your navigation menus, layouts, CSS, and even your background.

The theme also includes breadcrumbs, sticky posts, translation-ready capability, featured images, and more. Just keep in mind you could have issues with newer WP features and plugins. It features a two-column layout that was designed specifically with bloggers in mind.