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Regulation And Security: IQ Option Experience Yields Positive Result Before investors look more closely at the broker's product range, they should turn to the issue of deposit security. After all, investors sometimes transfer several thousands of euros to build up new trading capital, thus deposits should be safe.

IQ Option Review

Because the state has long been a member of the EU, the same laws apply to financial service providers as to, for example, German companies.

Deposit Security: IQ Option states on its website that it keeps client funds and company assets strictly separate from each other. Even in the event of the insolvency of the broker, all funds would be percent secured.

Another plus for the seriousness and security of IQ Option is the fact that the company has been operating successfully in the markets for several years. Neither in the press nor on well-known consumer portals you will find negative ratings on the broker. Conclusion: IQ Option can certainly be called a serious broker.

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After all, the company is based in the EU, where it is overseen by the Cypriot authorities. The security of deposits is also taken care of, as IQ Option keeps corporate assets and client funds strictly separate. The financial services provider has the advantage of having both CFD's and binary options in its portfolio.

Traders can thus trade a variety of underlyings with different instruments.

Beginner’s Guide to IQ Option: Complete Review

A look at the product range in the field of CFD's: Currencies: IQ Option offers a majority of the most popular respectively most traded currencies. These include primarily the euro, the US dollar, the Japanese yen and the British pound.

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In addition, some minor players such as the dollar currencies from Australia or Canada can be traded as well. Indices: Especially newcomers often trade based on indices because these underlyings are less volatile.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals Review IQ Option traces its origins to as a binary options broker in the now-defunct industry, which was infamously known for misleading marketing, scams, and fraud, at least until global regulators clamped down on those nefarious practices.
  • These can be traded in the same way as common stocks, and traders can choose from approximately different ETFs.
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Raw Materials: Commodity trading is also very popular. Because prices tend to be very volatile, commodities offer relatively high return potential.

However, sudden trend reversals can cause high losses as well.

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Shares: The product range is rounded off by shares. Amazon, Netflix and Google are just three of many examples. Put simply, investors can make disproportionately high transfers of both profits and losses of reviews on binary options iq option underlying asset to their own trading account. If you trade with Forex, you can use a leverage factor of no more than 1: For stocks, IQ Option slightly reduces the lever to All popular asset classes are tradable, that means shares, indices, commodities and currencies.

The maximum leverage factor is 1: for foreign exchange trading.

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All other positions can be leveraged by a factor of up to The odds are even better — according to the company — than with CFD trading because IQ Option offers thousands of options. Trading is usually done via a classic put or call option.

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An example: The trader expects that the price of the Tesla share will develop positively in the coming hours. For this reason, he invests euros in the position and sets the duration of the option to 1 hour.

After the expiration of this hour he will how to make money over the summer billed.

If the trader is correct in his assessment, he will receive a predetermined return. If the option does not end up in the money, the entire capital investment is lost. This trading variant is therefore quite transparent.

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