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looking for a trading partner

One of the things that I dislike about being a retail trader is the lack of social interaction. I was first introduced to the stock market back in while taking a finance class at Seattle University.

Immediately I was hooked and knew from that day somehow my life is going to be revolved around the stock market.

I am a business looking for a trading partner 30 Please read and accept or decline the following disclaimer to continue. General Information The investments referred to on this website may not be suitable for all investors.

I saw an opportunity to make good money playing online poker so I decided to pursue a poker career. My first year as a full time poker player inI made almost k.

looking for a trading partner

This was a lot of money to me back then and I totally took money for granted because of how easy it was to make money playing poker during this time. At the peak of my poker career I was making dollars per hour but I was only playing hours a week. For the next six years, the game got progressively harder and harder and I was making less and less each year.

looking for a trading partner

In all of the big poker sites blocked all players who live in Washington State from playing online poker because our state banned online poker. Inthe majority of poker sites blocked all U.

I was living off my savings. SinceI have been active in the market jumping back and forth between an active investor and trying to become a day trader.

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Throughout this time, I tried day trading many times but never had any success. At the end ofI made a decision that would ultimately change my life. Against the warning of all my loved ones, I decided that I was going to put my life savings on the line and give day trading everything I have. I spent the next 2.

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I was often working looking for a trading partner a week and sleeping hours a day. I spent so much time studying that I developed a bad migraine headache that come daily after a study session that last more than 3hrs.

I was able to make a little bit of money but it was not enough to cover for my living expenses.

looking for a trading partner

Towards the end of my second year, I reached a point where my trading income was able to cover my cost of living. I consider my third year my breakout year because this is the year where I saw a significant boost in my income. ByI felt that I have reached the top of my day trading potential so I started to work on a swing trading strategy.

looking for a trading partner

I started swing trading in and due to looking for a trading partner experience as a day trader I was able to adapt to swing trading quickly and found a profitable swing trading strategy. I am still a full time trader and am actively day and swing trading.

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My next step is to move over to longer term investing. I hope through this post I can find a maximum of two trading partners.

📊Your Trading Partner that Takes Your Gains💸The Partner Traders Don’t Know They Have

If you are interested please send me a message along with a short description of yourself and we can exchange contact information. Also, please excuse any grammatically errors in this post.

looking for a trading partner

Writing is not one of my strong suit. Thank you for your time.