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Become An Online Counselor Want to get paid to give advice?

That means you already know how to do it, right? You have to look at making money as something you already know how to do. If you have a job or ever had a job, you know how to do it.

Plus you can give yourself a fancy title and specialize in various fields. You could even get paid to give relationship advice if you specialize in relationships.

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Long gone are the days where counselors are confined to in person sessions. You can take your business online and be easily accessible to patients all over the world and get paid to give advice. No problem, like I said before, there is no shortage of companies that will pay you for your sound advice.

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Here is a list of companies that will pay you to give advice. Disclaimer: All rates listed below are as I know them, when I write this post.

Get Paid To Give Advice (Make Money Chatting) - Outandbeyond

What you do: Give expert advice How much you make: Fix your own hourly rate Availability: Worldwide Are you a personal coach? Better yet, are you an expert in your coaching niche?

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Live Advice will pay you to provide expert advice to millions of people all over the globe looking for guidance and help.

To get paid for your services, you must first create a free account and get ready to start calling people. What you do: Advise people How much you make: Profit sharing Availability: Worldwide Another website that will pay you to give psychic advice online is Keen. Keen also has a section specifically for relationships and love that will allow you to get paid to give relationship advice online.

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They offer a telephone service only and you can set your own per-minute rate for the telephone call. The website offers cash withdrawal methods like Paypal and wire transfer.

1. Monetize Your Knowledge

On this website, you will be addressing both simple and complex questions by people looking for advice. How does it work? Someone posts a question and you can choose to answer questions by bidding on them. They offer cashout services every two weeks and you can debit your earnings into your account via Paypal.

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What you do: Advise people How much you make: You set your own rate Availability: Worldwide With Ether, you can get paid to give advice on any field you have expertise in.

You can set your own rates per minute, hour or per call. You make your own schedule and choose your hours. Why not get paid for those reviews by detailing your experience with a product?

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Opinion Inn allows people to get paid by giving their opinion and experience through surveys. To create your account with Opinion Inn, you need to be: 18 years old or older Have a valid email address Did you know that there are companies out there that will give you new and up and coming products to test and then pay you for your feedback?

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Pinecone Research is one of those companies. The company rewards every piece of advice with points and these points can be redeemed for cash prizes.

Do you want to get paid to give advice and get paid to chat at the same time?

Tweet When I try an amazing product or have a stellar experience with a business, I love to share that experience with others.

If you love shopping and have vast knowledge on various products available in store, Needle is the best site to get paid to give advice on. You need to register with the website first and then you can start answering the customers questions. The customers send in their queries on different areas of shopping and you answer them via the websites online platform.

The work schedule is flexible and you earn by the hour. What you do: Answer questions How much you make: Set your hourly rate Availability: Worldwide Unlike the name, Bit Wine has nothing to do with wine of anysort.

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Not a grape in sight. This website, much like Keen will allow you to give advice online through regular chat, video chat or telephone call. Availability: Worldwide Customer support agents or chat agents are hired with Arise as independent contractors.

You can work how to make more money give advice to me the comfort of your home and get paid to answer questions.

Give Advice on The Brands and Services You Use

You then have the choice to work for yourself or join an existing call company. Established by two students, Student of Fortune is a platform that allows you to give advice to students who need your binary options reviews what is it on various subjects and you get paid for it too. Kind of like online tutoring if you ask me.

If someone on the website is looking to get advice on their grasp of the english language, you can basically get paid to chat in english with someone. Here are some useful articles on teaching English online:.