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    Towbar Wiring Types There are two ways that towbar wiring can be installed on your car.

    It can be installed using either universal aftermarket wiringor using what is known as vehicle specific, or dedicated wiring. Vehicle Specific wiring can be a lot more expensive, but has many benefits to justify the cost.

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    When getting quotes for a towbar installation it is important to understand what you are looking for. The 'cheapest' way to install the wiring is rarely the best.

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    Wiring option newer cars which have safety features built in to the car which would only be activated with vehicle specific wiring, we always fit the universal wiring as standard included in the price that you are quoted. Using universal wiring on these cars would mean that essential safety features are not active when you are towing.

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    In the future all cars will require the dedicated wiring type to be fitted. To help you make an informed decision, you can click on the images below for further information about universal aftermarket wiring, and vehicle specific wiring.

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    Universal Aftermarket Wiring Universal towbar wiring kits were, until the introduction of vehicle specific wiring kits, the standard method for the fitment of aftermarket towbar wiring. This is wiring option lower cost option than vehicle specific towbar wiringhowever it does have some compromises as a result.

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    Universal towbar wiring does provide all the lighting functions that are needed to keep you legal while towing your trailer or caravan. However it doesn't provide the additional benefits provided by vehicle specific towbar wiring.

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