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    I decided to stay in Minsk, I liked the city. But the city opened up to me from a completely different aspect. You come and see a very clean train station—unmatched even by the European ones; followed by the central streets: Karl Marx Street, Octyabrskaya, Nemiga Street; the Cathedral Church with a beautiful view… When people start sharing negative first impressions now, I start asking them question and realize that they simply took a different route.

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    I needed grounds to stay here longer than three months, so I started my job hunt. I worked for a small company initially, but its main client was based in Russia, and during the crisis staff cuts started. The management offered us to stay off-work for a while and wait until things come back to normal—but no one accepted, people started leaving the company.

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    Back then, I lived on Yakub Kolas Street and began to look for offices nearby. Another encounter with this bureaucratic machine occurred when obtaining my residence permit.

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    However, it seems to me lately that this part is growing more humane, people are more polite now, they call back themselves with a reminder if necessary.