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Overview[ edit ] DEMO is a methodology for designing, organizing and linking organizations.

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Central concept is the "communicative action": communication is considered essential for the functioning of organizations. Agreements between employees, customers and suppliers are indeed created to communicate.

The same is true for the acceptance of the results supplied.

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The modeling of business processes and information systems is a rational activity, which leads to uniformity. Models should be understandable for all concerned.

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Information should 'fit' with their users. The DEMO methodology provides a coherent understanding of communication, information, action and organization. The scope is here shifted from "Information Systems Engineering" to "Business Systems Engineering", with a clear understanding of both the information and the central organizations.

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In the new millennium Jan Dietz further elaborated DEMO into "enterprise ontology", in which the graphic note of object-role modeling is integrated.

The action execution which will generate the required fact A factagenic phase, which leads the client to accept the results reported Basic transactions can be composed to account for complex transactions. The DEMO methodology gives the analyst an understanding of the business processes of the organization, as well as the agents involved, but is less clear about pragmatics aspects of the transaction, such as the conversation structure and the intentions generated in each agents mind.

Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations

The B-organization or business layer according to DEMO is the essence of the organization, regardless of the device is possible there. Understanding the business layer is the right starting point in setting up an organization, including the software to demo transactions business processes. This vision leads to a division into three perspectives or levels of abstraction: [3] Essential: business demo transactions or the B system Informational: either the information I system Documenteel: data system either D system At each level has its own category of systems at that level "active": there are so B systems of company electronic money bitcoin how to make money businessI-systems of informational and information and D systems from documenteel and data.

The main focus in DEMO is focused on the critical level, the other two are, therefore, less discussed in detail.

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Construction Model The Construction Model CM of an organisation is the ontological model of its construction: the composition the internal actor roles, i. Process Model The Process Model PM of an organisation is the ontological model of the state space and the transition space of its coordination world.

The data in the account is typical of what you would see for an ecommerce site, and includes the following kinds of information: Traffic source data Information about where website users originate. Content data Information about the behavior of users on the site. This includes the URLs of pages that users look at, and how they interact with page content.

Regarding the state space, the PM contains, for all internal and border transaction kinds, the process steps and the existence laws that apply, according to the complete transaction pattern. Regarding the transition space, the PM contains the coordination event kinds as well as the applicable occurrence laws, including the cardinalities of the occurrences.

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The occurrence laws within a transaction process are fully determined by the complete transaction pattern. Therefore, a PSD contains only the occurrence laws between transaction processes, expressed in links between process steps.

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There demo transactions two kinds: response links and waiting links. There is an action rule for every agendum kind for every internal actor role. An action rule consists of an event part the event s to respond toan assess part the facts to be inspectedand a response part the act s to be performed. Fact Model The Fact Model FM of an organisation is the ontological model of the state space and the transition space of its production world.

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Regarding the state space, the FM contains all identified fact kinds both declared and derivedand the existence laws. Three kinds of existence laws are specified graphically: reference laws, unicity laws, and dependency laws; the other ones are specified textually.

Regarding the transition space, the FM contains the production event kinds demo transactions of transactions as well as the applicable occurrence laws. The transition space of the production world is completely determined by the transition space of its coordination world.

Yet it may be illustrative to show the implied occurrence laws in an OFD.

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Operation principle[ edit ] If somebody a person wants to ensure that someone else creates a desired result then he or she starts a communication with a request. The person responsible for the results, can respond with a promise.

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If this result is accepted by the person who had asked for the result then this is a fact. The pattern described in the communication between two people is called a DEMO transaction.

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A chain of transactions is called in DEMO a business process. Diagram demo transactions the principle of a DEMO transaction between two actors, with the result in between. Multiuser worked This tool is platform-independent in a web browser without downloading or installing software.