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Twilio Functions is a serverless environment that lets you deploy backend services without token chat video overhead of setting up a server.

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Create your Twilio Function Initialize a new Twilio Function Service : twilio serverless:init token-service This command creates a new folder called token-service. Inside your new file, create the shell for the Twilio Function: exports. Luckily, when you initialized the new Function Service, a. Open up the.

Creating Access Tokens

Once there, click the red plus sign to create a new API key. Once your environment variables are set, add the highlighted lines inside your new function in token. This identity is required to generate the Access Token, and its value will be accessible through event.

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Generate the token Inside your function, beneath the existing code, add the highlighted lines: exports. You automatically have access to the Twilio client inside a Twilio Function. Each Access Token has a maximum lifespan of twenty-four hours. Beyond that, tokens will need to be updated or renewed.

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Add a grant to the token The next step is adding a grant to your Access Token. Without a grant, the Access Token is meaningless.

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Jump to the section relevant to your needs. This is the simplest implementation and allows the holder of token chat video Access Token access to any Programmable Video services in your client-side app, including any and all rooms created there.

In the latter case, the room name, like the identity, would be available on the event object. Copy this value and paste it into your.

Video API Basics

Then back in token. Click the plus sign to create a new TwiML App.

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Back in token. This key is optional. Send the response With the Access Token ready to go, create a new Response object and send it back to the caller your client-side application : exports.

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On line 6 in the code above it is strongly recommended that you change the value of the Access-Control-Allow-Origin key to the root URL of your client-side application. As written, your client-side code could be duplicated and used to build an unauthorized app that easily connects to your Access Token code.

Save and close your token.

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New sessions are generated by your app server via the server SDKs. Clients can obtain the session ID and a unique authentication token from the server to initialize and connect to the sessionafter which they can publish streams and subscribe to streams in the session, as well as listen for events dispatched by the session such as a new user connecting. Check out our developer guides to learn how to create a session with the server SDKs, join a session with the client SDKsand explore more session-related functionality. When a client attempts to join a session, your app server generates a unique token and sends it to the client along with the session ID.