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    Before you say: There is the Trucker job, Courier job, this job, government factions, I know all this already, just hear me out. I have joined the server 2 days ago and I have been working non-stop, doing the trucker job, bus job, courier job, and fishing.

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    I haven't seen my money go above 10k, yet there is tons of supercars and modified cars on the streets, while I can't properly upgrade from my warrener I bought for 5k. Houses are k in the city but there are houses for 19k in the upper part of the map in motels. What I don't understand is how do people make so much money to buy houses and cars and modify them?

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    I change how I look and how my car looks because it gets boring and I like dressing up my character to different looks, and this keeps me under 10k, even if I didn't do anything and mindlessly drive a truck around doing the fuel runs, my money would probably be only around 25k max. So please, tell me and all the other "newbies" of the server your secrets, because the server is not heavy rp enough to allow the player to find things and earn money through roleplay only and it is not a deathmatch server enough to make money easily.

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