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Setup trading bot. How to Make a Crypto Trading Bot Using Python - A Developer's Guide


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    X, which can be be found here. To install the dependencies for this project, run one of the following commands: Windows: pip3 install -r requirements. Unix: sudo pip3 install -r requirements.

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    If you run the project without adding this file, the program will create it for you and populate it with the template values. To use the Slack functionality, you need to setup the following: channel is setup trading bot Slack groups's channel usually starts with a ' ' character token is your Slack account's authentication token you need to create a Slack app on the Slack API website for your group - from which you can generate this authentication token If you don't want to use the Slack notifications, you can leave out the slack code.

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    Add a settings. To use the Trade functionality, you need to setup the following: tickerInterval is the exchange ticker interval you want to use.

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    Coin pairs with a 24 hour volume lower than this will not be considered for buying minimumUnitPrice is the lower unit price buy threshold. Coin pairs with a unit price lower than this will not be considered for buying maxOpenTrades is the maximum amount of open trades the bot is allowed to have at one time sell:.

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