Why should you create and sell courses online?

How to make money guessing the course, How to turn a profit in online education.

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This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure for more information. Why Make Gift Guides? A gift guide is simply a type of blog post or where to store bitcoin cash that provides gift ideas. Finding the perfect gift can be hard and time-consuming. The second is to use and promote your affiliate links to try to make some money for yourself. All of the links to the Perfect Gift Guide Course within this post are examples of affiliate links.

Share this: When you think of creating an online class do you automatically picture a project that takes you weeks or months to complete? Once upon a time, I thought the same thing too! If you want to make money teaching online, becoming a teacher on Skillshare is a great side hustle to start! I started teaching classes on Skillshare about five years ago.

Then someone like you comes along, clicks on the link, and makes a purchase. The company then gives me a small commission from the sale for connecting you with them.

Creating a gift guide is probably the best affiliate marketing strategies out there because blogs of all sizes can use them to generate revenue over and over again.

How to Make Money on Skillshare | Mompreneur Money

Because people buy things online every. Yes, that can happen! Everywhere I turned, it seemed like other bloggers were earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month with their affiliate marketing. Some make more per month than my annual household income!

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Clearly, I was doing something wrong. But what?

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I signed up for dozens of free affiliate marketing e-courses to try to figure it out. On the flip-side, a lot of the paid affiliate marketing courses seemed overwhelming. And over-priced, for my small budget! I needed something focused that would provide me with me a clear, manageable and hopefully profitable!

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There are plugin recommendations and short-cuts included in the course that I had no clue about. Not only did they help me make my first attempt at a Gift Guide that much easier, but they have helped me run my blog more efficiently, overall. The goal is to have a perfected gift guide published as fast as possible.

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Throughout the course, there are action items designed specifically so that you do. As a procrastinator, I needed this! It taught me how to plan every step so that I could publish my first gift guide sooner and start seeing that elusive passive income roll in.

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In fact, Anne turns this message into the motto of the course, which resonated with me so much that I turned it into my desktop background. Before taking the course, my attempts at affiliate marketing went nowhere.

The Secret to Creating Gift Guides that Make Money: The Perfect Gift Guides Course Review

But guess what? No one has clicked on the links and no one has bought a FitBit because of that post. This course pinpointed exactly why I was failing with affiliate marketing.


The gift guide I created while taking this course took only a few weeks to start getting multiple clicks every single day and has generated sales for me every month! I think that most bloggers can benefit from this course. I know I sure have! If you already have a blog of any size, in any niche, and you want to either start earning passive income or want to earn more, this course is for you. It will likely pay for itself in a matter of weeks, once you get your first gift guide published.

7 Ways to Make Money Selling Online Courses

Rather than learning everything there is to know about affiliate marketing including how to start a blogthis course focuses on the important things and tells you how to actually start implementing them.

By the end you will have a completed gift guide published, a promotion plan to get people to click your links and make you money, and the know-how to do it over again and again. Although some niches will be easier than others, there are physical products out there that relate to every topic imaginable.

I mean, just look at all the topics covered at Unique Gifter. The course is geared towards people that already have a blog or are seriously planning to start one and that are interested in monetizing it through affiliate marketing.

Your Step-by-Step Plan for Making More Money with Tech Skills

It also might not be right for you if you need to immediately make revenue. It starts with the secret to why Gift Guides are better than almost every other affiliate post type out there. You get lifetime access to the course, including any updates and additional materials.

There are videos to show you how to make your gift guides look good without needing any specialized software or tools.

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You get a downloadable workbook that includes checklists, hashtags ideas, a content calendar and space to take notes. I was fortunate enough to take the course for free as a beta tester. But I was perfectly willing to pay for it.

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If you sign up and disagree, Anne is super approachable and is there to help you succeed in any way she can. This is a real screenshot from one month of my sales and traffic from one affiliate source.

Gift guides get the most traffic around how to make money guessing the course holidays. Meaning now is the perfect time to create a gift guide or many!

It took me about 8 hours to get through the course, which I spread out over a few days. But most of this time was spent actually implementing the lessons and creating my first gift guidenot just reading about it. In the end, I had a completed gift guide perfected and ready to go.

So if you sign up now, you could easily have your first gift guide published in only a day or so, too!

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And yes, I am now consistently making affiliate marking sales every month! Although this course focuses on creating the perfect gift guide, it will teach you more than just that.

Want to achieve financial freedom by creating passive income? What will you learn in these courses?

It will change the way you approach affiliate marketing overall. You will learn better ways how to make money guessing the course create, publish and promote all of your content.