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Options trading video. Put and call options

You could do two things.

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It expires in one month. Usually it will be a specific date, but I'm just saying one month from the date that you buy the option. The type of option that I've just described is called an American option.

And it can be compared to a European option. An American option allows you to exercise the option-- to actually buy the stock-- any time from the time you have the option until the expiration.

Options trading

On a European option, you only have the option-- you could only exercise it-- on the expiration. But we'll just focus on the American. Now let's think about the different outcomes depending on what the stock does. So let's say the stock actually does do what you think it does.

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Let's say it goes up, and then it goes down. Let's say that you're really good at calling stock price tops.

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And then right options trading video here-- let's take the two scenarios. Let's take the scenario where you bought the stock, and then you sell the stock. So let's just think about the different profit scenarios.

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Now let's think about if instead of buying the stock, you bought the option today. So if you bought the option, same thing.

When the stock goes up to here, you'll say, oh, I think that's the top for the stock. Let me exercise my option.

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So there it says, hey, look. Maybe I was better off buying the stock.

And to see that, imagine the negative scenario, where instead of the stock doing that, let's say the stock just completely plummets options trading video you buy it.

Now in the situation with the stock-- let's say right over there you just had enough. You just say, I want to sell the stock. But in the option scenario, this entire time that it was plummeting, you'll say, I just won't exercise the option.

American call options

The option is out of the money. It makes no sense for me to exercise it. So you just won't exercise the option.

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So you'll only lose the price that you paid for the option.