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Indicator on indicator within 1 click Pine Script — the traders' programming language Pine Script is a cloud-based programming language we made so you can write and share technical analysis indicators and strategies. Because it's specialized, Pine is powerful, with minimalist syntax — two lines of Pine will do the work of hundreds of lines in other languages.

Cloud-based, available on any device and powered by the Pine Script — all the bells and whistles go off — so you'll never miss a trade unless you're taking downtime in a deep cave.

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Server-side alerts which never sleep, on any device, anytime 12 different alert conditions for any kind of market situation Alerts on price, indicators, strategies or drawings All types of notifications including PUSH and webhooks Alerts from Pine Script give you unheard-of levels of flexibility The social network for your finance life Get creative with the global markets strategies for beginners in options becoming part of the largest social network on the web for traders and investors.

With thousands of ideas and streams published daily and a near unlimited ability to customize, publish, and broadcast your analysis, start building your following today. Publish ideas and showcase your talents to a large trading community Chat in real-time with other traders and never trade alone again Discover investment ideas and get better at trading Live streaming and video ideas — unique ways to broadcast your analysis You decide the trade.

Stock symbol definition What is a stock symbol? A stock symbol is an abbreviation used to identify publicly traded companies. When a company decides to go public, it will select the exchange to list on and then choose a unique stock symbol to differentiate itself from other companies on the exchange. They are also sometimes referred to as stock tickers or ticker symbols. Visit our shares section Learn more Stock symbols help facilitate a huge number of trades every day.

We make it easy Start small with Paper Trading then — once you're ready — trade directly on the platform through our supported, fully verified and user-reviewed brokers, in just a few clicks. Trade directly through selected brokers Trade right from the charts quickly and easily Read real reviews from verified customers Practice makes perfect with paper money Global markets in your hand Our platform is reliably connected to hundreds of data feeds with direct access to stocks, futures, all major indices, Forex, Bitcoin, and CFDs.

Symbols on trading platforms financial and alternative data to the mix, plus professional news and economic calendars and you get a depth of coverage not available on any other public platform.

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Look for the cheapest companies making the most money, or which cryptocurrencies are performing strongest this month, and our screeners will show you what's what. You can work them directly from the chart, or on a separate page — your choice.

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