“Legal and Illegal Work”

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    The struggle against legislative and deliberate Bulygin Duma the manifest on its convocation was declared on August 6 19 and the events of September in Moscow preceded the all-Russian October political strike.

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    On September 19 October 2 the economical strike of printers began in Moscow. They were joined by bakers, tobacco workers, furniture makers, tram drivers. Thus the strike had transformed from economical to political one.

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    On September October the conflicts between strikers and troops and Cossacks took place. Some of the strikers were wounded or killed.

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    From September start in trading Bulygin October 9 Moscow metal workers started their strike. The Councils of authorized printing workers, joiners, tobacco workers, metal workers and railway men had been formed.

    The meetings and demonstrations took place in other cities and towns too.

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    After Moscow the strike movement has spread over Petersburg and other cities and by October 13 26 reached the main industry centers of the country. Factories, plants, transport, power plants, post, telegraph, institutions, shops and schools had closed.

    The number of strikers had reached 2 million people. As a result of revolutionary activities of masses in October there were created the Councils of workers deputies in Petersburg, Ekaterinoslav, Kiev and later in other cities.

    In the entire decade preceding the revolution the number of strikers in Russia was only , i. The world has never witnessed a strike movement like it. The real historical content of the question of the boycott was whether to help the rise of this revolutionary wave and direct it towards the overthrow of tsarism, or whether to allow tsarism to divert the attention of the masses by the game of a consultative Duma. Under the slogan of the boycott adopted against the liberals a movement arose which brought about an increase in the number of political strikers fromduring the third quarter of to one million during the fourth quarter of In strikes much more frequently ended in favour of the workers than in