16 Easy Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos Online in 2021

How to make money on the Internet by watching a video. 10 Best Ways To Get Paid To Watch Videos

Also known as a YouTuber, you share or publish videos on YouTube, just like many others.

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Basically, YouTube provides opportunities for businesses or individuals to make money. This is the very popular advertising program from Google. It shows contextual ads on the videos you have posted.

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Some even make money just from the views their videos get. In such cases the higher the page views their videos get, the more they can earn.

It can be done of course but the videos need to receive a lot of views, to earn anything substantial. Sponsored ads Many people with popular YouTube channels can monetize and earn more from them by accepting sponsored ads.

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In this way, they have to receive payments from brands, organizations or individuals to promote their ads on the channel. Similar to Instagram Sponsorship where one can get paid to post on Instagramsponsors do pay a lot of money and you can make significant amount if you have many targeted viewers, or if your videos frequently get wide exposure.

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Affiliate marketing This method of making money from YouTube is popular among Internet marketers. When sales are made as a result, you get compensated with a commission.

You can even make money really fast with affiliate marketing, if you do things right with your channel.

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The above methods of earning from YouTube are peculiar with Youtubers who share videos. If you really want to get rich from YouTubethis is how to do it. There are YouTubers who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars yearly just from publishing videos!

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The many examples of others who are doing it shows it can be done. There are websites that have special reward programs which offer viewers the opportunities to make money online by just watching YouTube videos or even TV shows. They pay you just for watching entertaining videos.

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  • DoublePay Swagbucks is also known as being a paid survey company, but they also offer payouts for watching videos.
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  • Similar to the best survey sitesthese are free to join and they are legit based on real user reviews.
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So, you enjoy the videos for sure, and you also get paid or rewarded. I have done a lot of research to put together some of the very best ones for you, as well as how they work. While some of them pay through offering of gift cards, many others pay cash directly to your Paypal account, making it possible for you to make money using Paypal.

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That said, below are 22 of the best sites and programs that really pays people to watch videos online: 1. Swagbucks This is one of the oldest and most reputable sites that really pay those who watch trading laptop requirements through them.

How Does It Work?

They pay you just for watching different videos, ranking from sports videos, world news videos, etc. You can even get paid through them just for watching sponsored videos. Of course they also pay when you perform other activities like taking surveys, surfing the web and -believe it or not- just for shopping online. Apart from just watching videos, they also reward you for other activities such as Shopping Online.