How to Steal Money and (Almost) Get Away With It

How to make or steal a lot of money

Print icon Resize icon I always knew it was possible to fool the American financial system. But I never realized just how easy it was. Last week, in a federal court in Trenton, N. I was so intrigued I had a look at the documents that the Federal Bureau of Investigation submitted to the courts relating to the case. What I found: Stealing a fortune from the big banks was a piece of cake.

My company had a large number of credit cards issued to company officers and sales people. All of the cards were issued by the same credit card company.

Hacking Capitalism 301x: How to Steal from Banks, Rich People, and the Government

We made a lot of purchases on the cards, which meant that we had to pay down the balances several times per month. It just so happened that she had a card issued by the same bank, and she simply paid her credit card along with ours. But how did she almost get away with it?

  1. These scams all play on human greed, fear and emotion, and use social engineering to con folks out of their cash.
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She solved the problem by recording the expense in the prior year! Adding a transaction to a prior year changes the year-end balance of an account called retained earnings near the very bottom of your balance sheet.

how to make or steal a lot of money

Accountants would be immediately suspicious if the numbers were different. She solved that problem every December by changing the transactions back to the current year.

How to steal $200 million

To make a forecast of payouts to our investors, I had to dig into the books. She had made the notes so that she could find her antedated entries and change them back at the end of the year.

how to make or steal a lot of money

I started asking questions, and she finally admitted what she had been doing. That whole scheme appears pretty sophisticated, but any good bookkeeper with a little cunning and sufficient incentive could do it.

Then, when my business declares bankruptcy in a few years, I can keep the money, declare a loss and pay less taxes — just like the President! Want to invest in my company? Our current president and plenty of other business owners do it. You, if you want to pay less taxes and bird off banks in the upcoming years may do it, too. Start a business.

So what could I have done to prevent the theft? I could have paid more attention. My experience has shown that the victims of embezzlement are shocked to the point of disbelief when they discover it.

I could have trusted my instincts. Many times it just seemed to me that we should have had more money in the bank than we did. Turns out my instincts were right, but I never acted on them.

how to make or steal a lot of money

I could have password protected prior year entries. Most software has a setting that requires a password in order to make entries into a prior year. Option on mechel importantly, I could have used an outside accountant to close our books each month.

how to make or steal a lot of money

An outside accountant would have reviewed the retained earnings account each month and spotted the changes. Instead, I had my bookkeeper close the books.

how to make or steal a lot of money

I trusted the fox to guard the henhouse. Although the explanation is a little tedious for this short article, there is another method that will spot prior year entries, even if they were made with the permission of passwords.

Email me, and I will send you the steps to implement the method. I am writing this article about two weeks after a client of mine caught an employee stealing from his company. Talk to your outside accountant about how to guard against embezzlement.

how to make or steal a lot of money