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Login and authorization on Runetki webcam site (Runetki)

There are many opportunities to start making money. Paid chat, where several people can talk with you at once.

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Discount chat is a paid chat with a discount in which you can calmly warm up the interest of members making money, and then go to a paid chat. One-on-one private shows with a client, tips from users giftsas well as the ability of clients to spy on your private messages, while money will be dripping into your account!

Login and authorization on Runetki webcam where you can make easy money in Runetki 1 In order to start the broadcast, click on this button and you can go to the chat. Do not forget to thoroughly prepare before going online! Stay tuned.

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Thanks to this feature, you can blacklist the city. Users from these regions cities will not see you. Profile of web models on Runetki website 1 On this page you can edit photos, upload images and fully manage your photo gallery.

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When you are not online, the system will show this video so that visitors can add you to their favorites. When you return online, they will definitely come to you. Approach this step responsibly!

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Try to lure customers. Users will know what time you go online and come "at the appointed time. In your profile, photo gallery or for background profiles. Pick only the best shots.

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For example, you want to show your pretty face from the whole picture as large as possible - this function will help you. The uploaded photo has a gray frame. Brightness, contrast, tone, saturation, and you can also make your photo black and white. By clicking on "show advanced settings" you can see all the features of the editor.

Profile of web models on Runetki website

Remember, new photos are moderated and checked by the administration. Therefore, new pictures will become available after a while. Upload 4 photos here. As an example, you can see how the model uploaded just 4 photos.

Runetki Video Chat Experience

Be sure to replenish your photo album with new images. See if our registrars have correctly entered your physical parameters. If how to make money on runetki is not accurate, then change the information.

Is there a piercing, do you wear stockings, the presence of high-heeled shoes, etc. It is best to check the boxes in front of the Russian language.

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In the chat, if you did not specify English, then messages from visitors who will write in English will be automatically translated to you. If you yourself know English, then it is better to check here.

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Try to get members attention. Do not forget to translate everything that you wrote into English and paste it into the block opposite. How to install Runetki video plugin? You will need to install the plugin for your browser. After, run the downloaded file and be sure to close your browser. After installation, reopen the browser and go to the site in order to continue working.

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How to set up a webcam on runetki website 1 You need to click on the allow button in order for the site to gain access to your camera. Remember to run the splitter before going online. Work at a time on at least 3 sites in order to get decent earnings.