The Best Options Play for Earnings Season

Earnings on options 2020


    earnings on options 2020

    It might be hard to predict how a stock reacts to earnings, but investors can look to the options market for clues to what Wall Street expects. It can also help identify opportunities for short-term trading gains.

    earnings on options 2020

    Options prices are determined by a few things, with volatility being one of the biggest factors. The more a stock fluctuates, the higher the odds an options contract will be worth something.

    If a stock earnings on options 2020 never changed, the value of an option—the right to buy or sell that stock at a different price in the future—would be zero.

    The volatility embedded in options prices holds a wealth of information. Importantly, it can signal how violently a stock will react when earnings are reported.

    earnings on options 2020

    In the strategy, traders buy a call option—the right to buy a stock—and a put option—the right to sell a stock—at the same price and at the same time in the future. Measuring the cost of a straddle tells investors, very roughly, what to expect after earnings.

    Print Earnings season is just getting started. This post will consider what it means for options, and how traders may want to position for the reports. Traders often respond by selling options, which lose value when IV drops. Still, there are always plenty of risks. IV indicates how much the market thinks a stock will move over the next year.

    The options market got it right. Qualcomm makes and sells product in Asia, while Royal is a travel stock. It can help take the edge off wild markets like this one.

    earnings on options 2020

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