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Updated May 2, What is an Assignment? An assignment is the transfer of an individual's rights or property to another person or business.

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This concept exists in a variety of business transactions. But there are other types business transactions known as an assignment. Key Takeaways Assignment is a transfer of rights or property from one party to another.

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This concept has multiple applications. Options assignments are how option buyers exercise their rights to a position in a security.

Transferring a Purchase Option

Other examples of assignments can be found from wages, mortgages, and leases. How an Assignment Works Assignment means transferring some or all property rights and obligations to another person through a written agreement.

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For example, a payee assigns rights for collecting note payments to a bank. A trademark owner transfers, gives, or sells another person interest in the trademark.

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To be effective, an assignment must contain parties with legal capacity, consideration, consent, and legality of object.

Examples of an Assignment Within the operation of stocks and options trading, options can be assigned when a buyer decides to exercise their right to buy or sell stock at a particular strike price. The way the options market works, the corresponding seller of the option is not determined when a buyer opens a option trade, but only at the time that an option holder decides to exercise their right to buy stock.

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So an option seller with open positions is matched with the buy option transfer buyer via automated lottery. The randomly selected seller is then assigned to fulfill the buyer's rights.

To transfer a Purchase Option from a client’s profile:

This is known as an option assignment. Trading strategy of market makers assigned the writer seller of the option will have the obligation to sell if a call option or buy if a put option the designated number of shares of stock at the agreed upon price strike price.

Courts issue wage assignments for people late with child or spousal support, taxes, loans, or other obligations.

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Money is automatically subtracted from a worker's paycheck without consent if they have a history of nonpayment. Wage assignments are helpful in paying back long-term debts.

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Another example can be found in a mortgage assignment. This is where a mortgage deed gives a lender interest in a mortgaged property in return for payments received. Lenders often sell mortgages to third parties, such as other lenders.

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A fourth example involves a lease assignment. This benefits a relocating tenant wanting to end a lease early or a landlord looking for buy option transfer payments to pay creditors.

Once the new tenant signs the lease, taking over responsibility for rent payments and other obligations, the previous tenant is released from those responsibilities. In a separate lease assignment, a landlord agrees to pay a creditor through an assignment of rent due under rental property leases. The agreement is used to pay a mortgage lender if the landlord defaults on the loan or files bankruptcy. Compare Accounts.