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Generally speaking, you the copywriter will sign up to a content mill site where there will usually be some kind of assessment to make sure you are up to the task. Many sites will accept pretty much everyone but grade them based on their ability with lower grades limiting you to lower paying jobs.

make money on the Internet on copy

Copywriters like you then sign in to the website and see new jobs available, each one being a single product description. There are many content mills out there but the two I will mention are Textbroker and Greatcontent for the simple reason that I have used both, been paid by both, and can vouch for their legitimacy.

make money on the Internet on copy

Textbroker are a content mill service that I have used and been paid by regularly. Freelancing Platforms Potentially higher rates of pay Work as and when you want Jobs of all sizes available Nearly always work available Must pitch for work Usually costs to get all features of service Freelancing platforms are a middle ground between content mills and being completely freelance yourself.

What Is Copywriting?

In a similar fashion to content mills, you sign up as a freelancer to provide a service, while clients sign up to request services.

You can then browse those requests and, when you find one you like, make a pitch for it.

Copywriting is a great way to make money from your writing if you have a commercial sense. It is a writing discipline that is needed for anything that needs to be sold. From food to fashion, every marketing campaign needs someone to make it sound appealing. This could include writing a dozen articles in a matter of days.

A pitch generally involves first convincing the potential client that you are capable of the task—something that gets easier if you build up a history of good feedback—then convincing them that you are right for this particular job and can deliver by their deadline, and finally, giving them a price that they are willing to pay for the work.

Pricing your job is a tricky prospect.

make money on the Internet on copy

Freelancing platforms firmly occupy the middle ground in copywriting rates of pay. Clients looking for the cheapest possible rate will tend to go to content mills, while clients wanting the best possible service regardless of cost will seek out respected copywriters or firms. Thus, if you price yourself too low the client will likely assume your quality of work will not be up to the task.

What is Copy and Paste Jobs?

As with content mills, there are many freelancing platforms out there. Upwork formerly oDesk and formerly formerly eLance is a successful freelance platform.

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The main advantage of freelance platforms over content mills is the fact that you can pitch for, and hopefully get, far higher paying work that you could with a content mill. You can also get jobs of much larger scope, which may not be a far greater binary option instant withdrawal of pay than content mills, but offer a greater amount of security over earning small sums and not being sure when another batch of assignments will go up.

Upwork, for example, uses a points system where each pitch costs you points.

make money on the Internet on copy

For one thing, you will be relying on your own marketing ability to get work. In short, getting started on your own as a copywriter will take a bit of financial investment, as well as time.

make money on the Internet on copy

Negative ratings on any of the above platforms, or with clients in general, will soon see you unable to get work at all. Beware of clients who don't value your work.

How to Get Copywriting Work

If a client is constantly trying to get the price down, or if they want to pay way below the market average for a job, take my advice and walk away. You may as I have accept a low paying job just to get some cash in, or to build up your portfolio, only to find the client being a nuisance with unreasonable edit requests long after the job is done. It's not worth it. Above all, try to enjoy it.

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If writing is not something you find fun or easy, you'll struggle in the copywriting world. Fortunately, in the age of the Internet, you can give it a try for free! Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.