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I have also said in my previous publications, there are no Magic Indicators that make all work for you! I studied very mutch Forex and Binary Options and how I could tie them to the price chart using one of the fascinating aspects of Price Action, you know what I mean when I say Price Action?

I think is the best way and system to analyze forex chart, I mean without any particular indicator that each candle rings or sends false messages.

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Price Action is how price reacts in particular areas of support or resistance. Nothing more!

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And how it react in this particular areas, i get position on market. I was in front of forex graphics for hours moving the mouse from chart to chart, checking price out the Bands of Bollinger, the support and resistance, and a thousand other things. I was going crazy.

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And this is how my eyes see to!!! Oh My god!

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This is impossible, but the way was very long and the difficult near the door, but the IDEA was born! But before I share it with you all I wanted to keep it to myself for a trial period.

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